20 December 2008

Somethings I forgot

Remember that party I went to last Saturday? While I was a pretty crappy photographer, I do have some gems to share with you.

Our very own Durian (note the alcohol spill on my sister's boobs in the background):


The man on the left? That scarf was no less than 7' long. Exaggerating by zero percent:


This man was stumbling around drunk, so Aurora told him she thought he should sit down. AND....he sat on my sister, who had neither met nor laid eyes on him prior to the event (by the way I'm heinously jealous of my sister's coat, especially since our mom bought it for her that morning when they were up to their fancy child-free Saturday shenanigans in which I can never participate on account of never being child-free):


And, favorite of favorites (though you'll forgive for the less than perfect photo), Bob Cratchet, who did not get the memo about the speakeasy theme:

Bob Cratchet


  1. say what!? huh? he looks like a doctor who tore out of his white coat to fast to get to the party!

  2. Does the Durian smell as bad as people say it does?

    btw thanks for stopping by and commenting recently. Glad you found the info useful.

  3. Is it just me or does that Durian look like the split heart of some mythical beast? I would happily pass on my share.

  4. {sarcasm}

    Wow. I totally can't see the family resemblance between you and your sister.