21 December 2008

(Potential) Christmas FAIL

My mom works next door to a fancy bike store, and whenever Gabriel goes to work with her, they check out the bikes. There's a red, Gabriel-sized bike there with spiders on it. THAT is Gabriel's bike. He talks about it all the time. That's his red Spider-Man bike.

My nephews (Gabriel's cousins) are getting bikes from Santa this year. Their grandma (the one who's not my mom) is sponsoring that venture.

Gabriel saw Santa. Gabriel asked for a red Spider-Man bike. My mom and I knew without a doubt that he was asking for that red Spider-Man bike. I don't have a mother-in-law to send me a check to buy a bike from Santa, so my mom very kindly offered to step in for that role. And I'll note here that K.Dot did offer to buy the Santa-Bicycle. It's just that my mom and I knew exactly which one Gabriel was picturing in his head. He was getting that red Spider-Man bike.

That has been the plan.

And been the plan.

And been the plan.


My mom went there on Friday to buy the bike, and the bike was gone. There was a neon-green bike with spiders on it, but that's not the same. She ended up buying him a very nice electric blue bike. And she got him the kind that scoots instead of the kind that pedals, because even though Gabriel can spell his name and tell me what time it is, he's sort of uncoordinated and not very good with...athletics. And my mom and I agreed that he'd have a lot more fun on the scootie bike, and the bike shop guy thinks he'll have more fun on it, and if not, it's fully exchangeable. And they're willing to order the red spider bike, but it won't be here for Christmas, and it'll be alright if Santa needs to make an exchange. I could go to Walmart or Target or wherever and get a bike that ACTUALLY had Spider-Man on it, except? These bikes are really nice and high quality and fancy, and I think I'd rather go with high-end than commercially appropriate. And I can put spider stickers on the bike. And all that is fine.


Turns out?

Mike (my brother-in-law, Laura's husband) went out and bought his kids bikes. And he bought the red bike with spiders on it for Elliot. Which is why it was gone when my mom went to buy it. Same store, same bike. My sister assures me that if she'd gone out for the bikes she would have known which one was Gabey's and not gotten it, but now that they have those bikes, those bikes are theirs. Could Elliot get the green spider bike so Gabriel can have the red one? Elliot asked for a red bike from Santa. He REALLY wants a red bike. I'll grant that Elliot is probably even more stubborn and opinionated than Gabriel.


The plan right now is to keep the bikes at our respective houses for a couple weeks (until each child is nice and attached to their very own) before we bring them up to my mom's house. My mom's house has better bike-riding areas, which is why we'll want to bring them up there in the first place.


  1. Holy bike drama. That's insane. Let me know how that works out, eek that's the beauty of having small kids :)

  2. good heavens and good luck - that is a really tough one. I'll say a little spider-man bike prayer for you on that one. Maybe your son could get a red helmet with spiders (stickers) on it and a really loud horn with it. Could Elliot possibly have any other red bike on the planet???? Maybe another one with spider stickers? Seriously. That's a no brainer.

  3. My God, what a small world... Fuck, the stress of Christmas is so overwhelming. I'm lucky this year (and this will be my last I feel sure...) Misch wants a freaking snow globe. OK... You mean a ...snow globe? Yes... snow globe. Great! Got it.

    Then again, perhaps I deserve a tiny break in the stress that is killing me ever so slowly!

    But "Grace"... that is a tough one. Kids are do damn honest. Misch told me tonight "she didnt like me".... thanks. So who knows? Just have mimosas for Christmas and think he'll forget it anyway - eventually?

  4. Ouch, sorry to hear that. Hopefully it works out well. I'm rooting for you.

  5. OK, been thinking more. Can you get the model number, etc and call everyone in California? There has to be another one out there - SOMEWHERE. I bet they could over night it and if you cried really hard they may ship for free?

  6. That sucks! What are the chances, eh?!

  7. Oh, NO! Well, I really hope that he's like my son and doesn't get caught up in the specifics. If he does, you're going to be breaking Gabey and Elliot up for the rest of your lives ;)

  8. Oh my goodness, that's the kind of stuff you can't make up.
    I hope it all works out!

  9. holy coincidence batman...errr spiderman.

    hope it all works out...I'm sure Gabey will love his scooter!

    have a great holiday!