23 December 2008

Overheard, the get-a-clue edition

While Christmas shopping last night, I stopped at Starbucks (I have a gift card). In front of me there was a couple, obviously on a first date.

Him, gesturing at her cross earrings: I didn't know you were religious.

Her, sarcastically: Oh I'm not. I'm just pro-crucifixion, and you know, I'm trying to get the message out.

Him, deadly serious: Oh. You know, you might not realize this, but that was actually a pretty awful way to die. I mean, even for criminals. It wasn't humane. You might want to look into that a little more before you start advocating.

Her, under her breath: Jesus I need a drink.

Him: Don't worry, I think our order's up next.


  1. Oh my God! I just spit my water out, almost came through my nose. Bless his heart (as we say in the deep south). He is a lost cause....Oh and you know the sex would be awful!

  2. Only in Santa Cruz (or maybe Berkeley) would an idiot say something stupid but still use the word "advocating."

  3. haha!

    I guess that was your cue to walk over and say: "She isn't into you dude"

    attraction can make people endure unbelievable amounts of stupidity.

  4. NO. No. Really?



    Holy awful hilarity, batman

  5. also, I was thinking of you today because Oprah was about night terrors, and they showed all this hilarious video of people thrashing about. :)

  6. Oh, God. Poor bloke. He really has no idea.

  7. Okay, first, this post is exactly the reason I've missed you terribly. Second, Merry Christmas. (That's actually the reason I stopped by. But your story was the real gift here.) Third, I LOVE, LOVE watching/observing couples on dates and trying to guess which date number they are on. It gets so tricky around the 3rd-4th date. Fourth, Gawd, can I have that chick's number? I'd love to be friends with her or, if she's willing, set her up with one of my girlfriends (maybe she'd swing that way, who knows?) Fifth, I've missed you terribly. I realize I already said that, but it's THAT true.

  8. Obviously a match made in heaven.

  9. You didn't even have to make that up did you!?

  10. Sarcasm is just lost on some people.

    Also, thanks for telling us how you purchased your beverage.

  11. So you saw The Daver and I out and about last night? Funny, I thought we were in front of the TV.

  12. I love the overheards from starbucks... I walked away from the one that had to do with porno found on the computer the other day because I was in a hurry and couldn't get involved... but I really wanted to stay and hear the story


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