01 December 2008

My weekend, part II

The first time I went to Callahan's, I had to dedicate the entire post to Molly. I knew in my heart that this was her bar. Since that first memorable night, I've gone there again and again, always enjoying myself, but never with Mol.

I had plans to meet up with Molly Saturday night, and imagine my delight when Molly declared that we were meeting at Callahan's!

I got dressed up as much as I could muster:


Laura and Duncan were there:





Lend me your ears




Megan is incapable of having a double chin



Molly's lovely husband Danny:

Painting a picture with her hands

And of course a whole lot of other people whom I FAILED to photograph. It was fun, but questionable decisions were made. Like the one were my sister and I climbed into the First Alarm security truck so we could get food at Jack in the Box. Just for instance.


  1. I enjoy that the only photograph of me in this series is an especially stellar profile shot.

    I'm blogging tomorrow about saturday night.

  2. Um, I think we will need more explanation in regrads to the truck hopping to Jack in the Box.

  3. you look beautiful! i love your lip color. i have a thing about lip color. i am very picky about it and it's hard to find the right shade.

    looks fun and yeah, what's up with the Jack in the Crack story...

  4. Sorry...totally nominated you again.
    LOVE the hair. Really does look awesome on you.

    More details on the drunken stuff please.

  5. You can never deny that you're related to those people in the first photo. You look just alike. Unless you guys aren't related. Then you guys look NOTHING alike.

  6. Yeah, I had that kinda weekend, too! It's all good. And, yes, you looked fantastic, darlin'!

  7. Is it just me, or is almost every girl in all these pictures trying to squeeze her breasts together just as her picture is taken?

    Do all women do this and I'm only just noticing?

    And on a completely unrelated note, do you think anyone notices when I suck in my gut whenever a camera is near?

  8. You look beautiful!! I think it's pretty amazing too that the blog is about your meeting up with Molly and yet she isn't one of the listed attendees in the photo spread :)

  9. I don't especially mind not being featured- seeing as how every picture taken on Jenny's camera was taken with the direction "Molly! Double chin NOW!"