27 December 2008

Morning of Answers

*No, K is not coming to visit Gabriel today on account of writing me a bad check.
*No, he has not called Gabriel to tell him that.
*Yes, I can still beat my 16-year-old brother and my brother-in-law at arm wrestling.
*Why yes, I will be using all of my Christmas money to buy food and pay bills. I guess it's a good thing that K FAILED AT LIFE right around Christmas time.
*Yes, SITS is giving away a Keurig Platinum Brewing System that I want.
*Well OF COURSE Gabriel's wearing his Spider-Man suit.
*Yes, I got roped into lunch with Irv. More on that after the fact.
*What do I have to entertain you? Shoot. Well.....How about this picture from when Gabriel was about 6 months old and I hadn't really lost any baby weight yet? Ignore my arm fat, and focus instead on how freakishly large my breasts are:



  1. I think your hair looks gorgeous too!

  2. your hair is gorgeous!

    and i'm sorry about K. i've lived with child support as a huge maybe for a few years. i try not to think about the money- pretend like it doesn't exist- so if it comes, it's a nice surprise. of course, being so broke ass and all, that gets near impossible.

  3. We're using all the Christmas money to try to pay off our ridiculously huge hospital bill from the delivery. I feel your pain on that.

    Also, BOOBS.

  4. Wait.

    So you're telling me to stare at your boobs?

    I mean, I will, but... Women are confusing.


  5. Sorry about the mixup with K. Your boobs are geat. Where are the Gabe and bike pics, though?

  6. My son still wear his costume from Halloween around.

    Oh, and best hair ever.

  7. You may hate her for it, but my wife got a Keurig system for Christmas (from my parents, not me, of course).

    Needless to say, she loves it, but I don't want to rub it in-- I hope you win!