05 December 2008

More random snippets

*There is a girl who works in my building, and the only makeup she wears is black liquid eyeliner on her bottom lashes. That's it. I find myself fixating on her face all the time. I mean, really? No mascara? No nothing? What do you see when you look in the mirror?

*Right now Gabriel's favorite song is Lean like a Cholo (follow the link to watch the video, if you must). One day I had my iTunes on shuffle and it came on, and I leaned over to skip it, and Gabriel stopped me, saying, "No mom! This is Elbows Up Side To Side! I LOVE this song!" Then he proceeded to dance the whole time it played. And now whenever I try to listen to anything at all, he asks if he can listen to Elbows Up Side to Side, is it his turn yet, he wants to listen to his song when it's his turn. I'll admit that I have the song on my computer, along with a whole lotta other crap, but I'm positive he did not cultivate this obsession through me. WTF people?

*I hate the c*** word. So much so that I'm not even willing to type it out on my blog (although here's a hint: it might rhyme with runt). I find it repugnant. And in very poor taste.

*This holiday season I've decided to boycott negative posts re: families. I know that I'm very lucky to have a family I adore, and I'm grateful for that. Also? I totally respect that your sister or your nephew or your dad is completely bonkers and ruins your life every time you get together. But I've decided that 'tis the season to love and appreciate the people in our lives, so I'm respectfully choosing not to read stuff about how you got in a fight with your grandma at Thanksgiving and she can eat shit and die. Just cuz. No offense. I'll commiserate with you after the holidays, when I'm feeling less loving and sentimental.

*Every single workday, before I leave the delicious warmth of my bed, I seriously consider calling in sick. And then I think to myself, "If I go to work today, then I can still call in sick tomorrow." The sick time is the carrot, and I am the mule.

*Gabriel knows how to spell his name!


  1. Nico is obssessed with Flo Rida Low. He begs to listen everytime we're in the car-"mommy, Low Low!" Such a proud moment for Tommy :)

  2. I have the same morning struggle. I hate getting out of bed. Especially when I'm a big sick whining snot-ball.

    The c word we don't use either (unless there is a TRULY horrific cause...and usually never in front of living human beings)...instead we go "What a C you next Tuesday"...and we know what we mean. LOL.

  3. Kids are weird like that. I'm just glad my son listens to Flogging Molly with me.

    What's funny is that I added you to my old reader before I settled on google reader. I have you back in my list now too.

  4. the eyeliner thing is wierd...I always wonder why people's friends don't tell them things like "um that eyeliner thing you got going on is strange without the mascara sista".

    I love Gabriel's choice of tunage!

    I hate the c word...it is rude, crude, and gives me a strange twitch when I hear it....

    I love my crazy family so you won't hear me bitch...at least not right now

    AHHHH sick days! what are these magical days you speak of?

    Yay Gabriel!!!

  5. I save the C word only for those truly deserving of my utmost hate and loathing, not used lightly by me on my blog, I promise.

    My daughter is 15 and will still play the same song over and over til I want to puke. Recently it was that I kissed a girl song.

  6. i love that you posted you consider calling in sick and then think- if i work today, i can call in tomorrow.

    that's so awesome.

    and you are nothing like a mule.

  7. I'm with you on the negative holiday thing.

    I'll save those conversations for my weekly visit with Captain Jack.

  8. So you're saying that my makeup is all wrong?

  9. I use the "C U Next Tuesday" thing too. That word is just too vulgar.

    I have the same morning routine, but I found that when I have called in, I usually end up really being sick after that, and then I have to go to work.