25 December 2008

It's just that I can't sleep


Merry Christmas.

I made the mistake of drinking coffee at 8pm, and now I'm stuck up past midnight on Christmas Eve, a night when any parent needs as much sleep as possible to pull them through the day to come.

Gabriel's red spider-bike is in the living room under the tree, complete with a gold bow that I poached from something else. That's right, my mom found it, and did an exchange, and all is well. The cousins will now have identical bikes.

Of course, Gabriel's also in the living room. He's been sleeping in his bed since last Friday. He hasn't really slept in his own bed since the summer of 2007, so I'm calling this progress in the first degree. I'd normally be concerned that he would wake up at 2am, see his bike, and just...be up, but he's hopped up on Benadryl and likely out till morning. No. I didn't drug my kid so he'd sleep through the night before Christmas and give me a break. Although truthfully that's not a bad idea....
He's got this weird itchy rash on his knees, so he got Miss Grace's official treatment of cortisone cream and Benadryl, with the sincere hope that it's disappeared come morning.

Also, I'm not ready to talk about why Gabriel doesn't have his stocking from last year, but he doesn't. So I got him a new one from Pottery Barn Kids, and it's extra cute and has his name on it, but I didn't get it in the mail until today (don't worry there was a contingency plan) and I didn't realize how big it was going to be, and I don't think that Santa got enough plastic crap/sugar to adequately fill the thing. I don't think this will really matter in light of the awesomely awesome bicycle magic, but it could be...fuller.

K.Dot's torchuring me by coming over at an ungodly early morning hour. He initially wanted to god-knows-why come over at 4am, supposedly to be extra-sure that Gabey wouldn't be up yet, but um? I won't be up either buddy. Ostensibly he's not coming over at 7 with the sole intention of irritating me by being here at 7. I mean, I understand the desire to be there when your kid wakes up Christmas morning, and I also understand that it sucks when that isn't a given. But this is me, being selfish, and I'd rather, I dunno, 9?

Well, I'm off to try to get some sleep.

I hope that everyone has a simply lovely day.


  1. Yay for the red spider bike!

    Hope you guys have a great Christmas, even if it is starting rather early. Merry Christmas!

  2. you'll get through today, just like you get through every other day - just take it one moment at a time. And concentrate on the adorable ceramic duck-measuring cups in your kitchen. :)

  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

  4. Merry Christmas beautiful girl!! Hope that despite the early wake up call you had a wonderful day!!

  5. It's great that you got the bike. I hope your Christmas was wonderful.

  6. Glad to hear Gabe got his bike... I was worried about that.

    Hope you managed to survive the day.

  7. I was thinking about you and that spider bike - I am so glad it is all working out. I am sure your son was thrilled! It's good to be Santa!

  8. Yea for the desired red-spider bike!

  9. Ah... there is a santa!

    I was worrying just a little bit about the green bike and trying to justify how kids don't always have to get what they want... but, really, he asked for it... so I am glad he got it!! YAY!

  10. Yay, Grace's mom, for finding the most important of presents. I hope he loves it as much as he thought he would!