27 December 2008

Crystalyn Kae Clutch

I, who never win anything, ever at all? I won something! Can you believe it!?

Way back in June, I blogged about Crystalyn Kae bags. I've been sort of discretely checking in and ogling the goodies since I first stumbled on the site. And then I entered a contest. I never win contests, but if I don't enter, then I'll really never win, so I figured, why not? I should enter!

And I won!

And this morning I got a knock on the door from the UPS man, delivering this clutch ($75). I'm in love. It's a really good size; a little smaller than I was picturing, which I actually prefer. The material is fabulous, and I love the color. I'm not sure how completely I trust myself to actually clutch a clutch all night, but I'm going out tonight, and building my outfit around this, so I'll let you know.

This one is both beautiful and beautifully made.

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