04 December 2008

Christmas List (But not really cuz it's sold out): Kindle

For the few hours that I actually made it to my CLA Annual Conference & Expo, I spent my time working in the Technology Petting Zoo. That's where I met my friend Kindle, which (when not sold out due to high demand) sells for $359 at Amazon.
Let me say something about this product: Viewing ads for it on a computer screen truly does not do the gizmo justice. I know that I looked at it and thought, "Meh, I don't really like to read on computer screen." Well I know they say it's not like that, but now that I've held it and touched and showed it my boobs, let me just say, IT IS NOT LIKE THAT. It's actually like reading a page. From a book. A book that's connected to the internets so when you finish it you can just up and download a new book from the device. And that's handy. And I want one. The end.

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