30 December 2008

2008 Recap/Redux/Rewhatever

These aren't necessarily my best moments from 2008, but I think they best illustrate what I did with my year (inspired by Immoral Matriarch)

In January, my job fucked me, and that was the impetus for my decision to move.

In February, I started to experiment with my wardrobe, and I went to Philadelphia for Molly's bachelorette party.

In March, right before I moved bad shit went down at my old job, and I moved and started working here.

April was Molly's wedding.

In May, I totaled my car, broke my foot, and moved out of my parents' house.

In June, I started up Disgraced Shopping.

In July, I went to BlogHer.

In August? Stella's birthday comes to mind. I also started up my CafePress Shop.

September was my birthday (26 ain't so bad).

October....I broke my computer. But it's better now! So that's something. And I got new glasses! Seeing has worked out really well.

November! We made history! Thank God! Or, more accurately, thank American voters!

And December is still technically happening. Christmas was great, K is making me shoot hate rays out my eyes, Gabriel is poxed yet adorable, and I haven't had sex for almost half a year. What happened to you this year?


  1. Oh, you don't really want to know what happened to me this year.

    ...What? You do?

    Okay. I wrote about it on my blog. Go check it out.

  2. Wait - he's poxed? Like chicken poxed??? If so, I'll be needing you to rub a cloth or shirt ALL OVER HIM and mail it to me in a tupperware container immediately. I'll pay shipping!!

  3. I still find it vaguely hilarious what you managed to write about being in Philadelphia. Maybe it's to spare the rest of us the embarrassment of leaving you on the wrong side of town for a traumatizing two hours?

  4. You know, since I have only been reading your blog for a few months, I found this post great, because I could go back and check out what I'd missed.
    Lots of things happened to me in 2008. Biggest things? Getting married June 21st and then having my bone spur surgery December 5th.

  5. Whoa, May was a big month. Lots going on there. Can't wait to hang out with you again at BlogHer in Chicago! You'll love it here.