05 November 2008

NaBloPoMo: Proud to be an American, feeling unsure about being a Californian

Yes. Yes we did. My first presidential election was in 2000, and since I've never voted for W., I've also never voted for a winning candidate. This year I was just really afraid to get my hopes up at all because I just couldn't take the disappointment of loss. And then....it happened. Some haphazard thoughts:

1. John McCain's concession speech reminded me that I used to like John McCain. He's recently swung so far to the right in an apparent attempt to woo the crazies that I had totally written him off as just another fundamentalist weirdo. But watching him speak last night, I remembered what I used to think about him. I used to believe that while we shared idealogical differences, McCain was a man of integrity who cared deeply about this country. I think I'm getting ready to believe that again. Especially if he can shed Tina Fey Sarah Palin.

2. Seriously??? It's thus far looking like Proposition 8, a ban on gay marriage, is winning? This is extremely disappointing.

3. I think the ballot measure I was most concerned about was Prop 5, an initiative that, "will reduce prison overcrowding, increase public safety, cut costs, expand drug treatment programs inside California's prisons, and start the state's first drug treatment program for at-risk youth." It upsets me deeply that it did not pass. California's prison system is pitiful and overcrowded and underfunded. This was common sense, and it would have helped.

4. Yes we did. If I had a "Proud to be an American" shirt, I would totally be rocking that shit today.

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  1. that sucks about prop 5. i voted on that and hadn't heard the result :(

  2. yes on all counts... I am still holding out hope that there are more no than yes in the absentee ballots that haven't been counted yet...

  3. My state rejected a bill that would have allowed a business to come into one of our counties, that would have brought thousands of jobs and millions in revenue to the state to help support technical and community colleges.

    I never thought that jobs+revenue+supporting education would be a bad thing.

  4. Re: Point #1:
    NPR said pretty much that exact same thing about McCain this morning. He went back to the McCain we all remember in that speech, and lots of people had the same reaction as you. It probably helped cost him the election (of course, the pit bull in lipstick didn't help either).

  5. I'm so sorry about Props 5 and 8. I just can't believe that common sense goes out the window with so many people if it's to support others that may not be just like them. Drives me crazy!

    I totally agree with you on McCain. He was the one and only Republican I could stand, and then he sold himself out to get the support of the base. Hopefully, he will go back to Washington as the real JM and help both sides get together so things can actually get done. If that happens, then he didn't really lose, and neither did we.

  6. Watching Prop 8 pass really put a damper on my joy over Obama winning. When Rich and I got up on the 5th and read how it had one I just bawled. I cannot believe a state (and country) put their votes on a national level against discrimination would vote for it on a state level. It makes no sense to me.

  7. I agree with you on McCain. He's is a man of integrity, but he had a hard time showing that in the last couple weeks of the campaign.
    Boo on the Props!