25 November 2008

Planning for the weekend

Cherish gave me this lovely award, which I am passing on to Sus, because maybe it'll mean she has her baby today? Being pregnant really starts to get old towards the end there.

Anyhow. I'm still coughing up a lung every time I take a breath, which is....less than awesome. Plus sometimes when I exhale too...hard? Maybe? It's like my regular breathing comes with the sound of a cough. Like a dragon, according to my brother. That was sort of a rambly non-apology for being both (a) boring and (b) lame. But the thoughts in my head just aren't thinking today. I'm going to stop writing about how I have nothing to write about starting....now. No. Now.


Starting now.

My Thanksgiving plans, should you choose to care:

Tomorrow night I'm going over to my grandma's (paternal) house to hang out with my cousins Lisa and Jasmine. My original plan was to bring Gabey over as well, but then I realized that his preschool closes early, so my mom has to pick him up, so he'll be in Corralitos, so I'm just going to head over by myself. We just found out that Jasmine is pregnant which is OMG! So exciting! This is her first baby and she's going to be SUCH a good mom. She's about 8 years older than me (I think?) and when I was a little girl I just used to follow her around everywhere and she was always SO nice to me about EVERYTHING and not ever any kind of Go Away Obnoxious Child. Very exciting, and this is the first time I'll see her since I heard the news which means I'll have plenty of opportunity to squeel and whatnot.

Thursday is Thanksgiving at my grandpa's (maternal). Last year I mentioned the guest list. This year add on a few more people. It's hectic, to say the least. However, with the glaring exception of myself, my family is comprised of a bunch of fantastic cooks, so the food is delicious. I don't really even like Thanksgiving food and even I have to admit that the food is delicious.

Friday morning I'm going to breakfast with Miss Ambular, whom I saw the Friday after last Thanksgiving, and who took my most favorite pictures of my lovely son. I'm super excited about that because I adore Amber. She even lets me pretend that I'm a natural redhead, and welcomes me into her gingerish fold.

Saturday night I'm going with a coworker to see The Devil Makes Three at The Catalyst.

Sunday I'm sleeping. Like a serious lot.

I assume hope that somewheres in there K is going to come down to visit Gabriel, but I haven't heard anything about his plans.


  1. Since you apparently are already babysitter-covered for Saturday, want to plan on dinner or pre-concert drinks or post-concert drinks with me and Danny? I know Adam is ALSO getting a sitter that night, so it should be an adventerous one on my end....

  2. Sounds like you are going to be having a busy 4 days. Have fun!

  3. Well, at least you've got it all planned out. Also, so jealous of your movie choice. I was suckered into Twilight with my mom. Sigh.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, you busy gal. Feel better!

  5. The stalker part of me is satisfied, now that I know where you'll be all weekend.

  6. Enjoy the busy and quiet moments of the weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Sounds like a busy, busy time -- I hope that you get some rest as well so that you aren't still sick on the other side.

    I am channeling my mother, so forgive me, but a nice little visit to the dr. wouldn't be bad either?!

    Feel better and happy turkey day

  8. Haha! Holy shit! It totally worked!