05 November 2008

Pictures that should have been attached to other things

I totally had a rocking patriotic outfit for voting purposes (ignore the circles of exhaustion under my eyes; I am a single mom):


Remember Gabriel's costume indecision? Here are some different phases that he went through with his costume:


Pirate-Dragon (2008 Halloween)


Dozing Spider-Man

P.S. Still having a giveaway over here.


  1. Awe....love the costume pictures. Also? I've dressed patriotically as well. Totally by accident.

  2. awww he is so beautiful!

    and i know how tiring it can be to be a single mom- i was one with Dakota for years before Mr. Curry and i were married. dakota and i had a 'song' which was Will Smith's rendition of 'Just the Two of Us'
    (c'mon now, don't gag, it was sweet!)

  3. I'm a married mom, and my dark circles and bags are WAAAAY worse than yours!

    He is the most beautiful boy indeed, and I love that he couldn't make up his mind on his costume. He just wanted it all. My kinda kid!

  4. You look great, no dark circles under those eyes. And I love your voting outfit, fierce. Gabby looks great in his costume!

  5. There are many incarnations of cosumtes sometimes. I love the last pic of him sleeping!