08 November 2008

NaBloPoMo: Odds 'n Ends

Some things that I've mentioned recently and then utterly FAILED to follow up on.

My computer: I took it to the Apple Store in San Jose, where they replaced the the top case for free and verified that the deep-down-intimate bits weren't damaged. It runs swimmingly now. Also, I learned that my computer does not have an immersion indicator (the thingie that bleeds red when watered), but the newest Macs that they just rolled out? Totally do. So y'all are screwed if you were planning on chucking your new computers in the dishwasher.

Driver's License: After that last call, I called again and they were all "What what? Your license was never suspended! We mailed it to you and it came back return to sender!" And that was....different. And then the nice man verified my address and resent it to me. Then the VERY NEXT DAY my mom called because I had mail from the DMV....which said that "effective August 31, 2008, your license is no longer suspended." THAT was a whole 'nother round of CONFUSED and HUH and Dear DMV, you make my ears bleed, because I called again, and my license WAS NEVER SUSPENDED. But. I have my new license, which is shiny and pretty and also? I don't look like an angry prison dyke with a mullet. So that's something.

Internet: I still don't have "real" internet at home, but I have my mom's dial-up info, which I've been using for posting purposes, in case you were curious. Unfortunately I still can't look at midget porn.

Unsolicited Workout DVDs: The Carmen Electra one sucks balls and has already been purged from my house, but the Jillian Michaels one is actually pretty good. Except that thinking about why I own it makes Hate Rays shoot out of my brain.

The total lack of boys in my life right now: Meh, the same.


  1. Well I'm glad to hear your Macbook wasn't fatally damaged, that's a bonus.

  2. Dude, so Alicia told me that your blog is really good, she's right....it made me laugh for a good 2-3 secs...and Haha laugh not hehe laugh, real mccoy shit

  3. have you tried Tae Bo? Bill Banks kicks ass.

    Damn it on the midget porn.

    congrats on the license!