12 November 2008

NaBloPoMo: Not the best time to announce that I hate Charles Shulz

I had Veteran's Day off. I went to lunch with my mom/sister/youngest brother/nephews, and then went up to my mom's house, where I tried and failed to post something. My two irritating brothers were sitting behind me reading everything I wrote, and yeah. That makes me slightly self-conscious.

I think I'm wearing a maternity shirt. I'm not sure, because it's not labeled as such, but the front hem is noticeably longer than the back. I'm hoping that I do not look pregnant.

What else? Oh! Ice Skating! Turns out? Ice skating is totally fun! And vigorous exercise. How 'bout that? Vigorous exercise that is fun. It was especially nice because my hangover wanted me to eat french fries, and this made the food orgy a lot less guilt-ridden.

We went to the skating rink at The Redwood Empire Ice Arena, also known as "Snoopy's Home Ice," and a part of the Charles Shulz Museum. Despite my 8th grade participation in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, I've sort of always hated the Peanuts Comic Strip, along with everything that might possibly go with it. I hate it even MORE now that it's just reprints of "Peanuts Classic." It even sucks the joy out of my life more than The Family Circus, I can't really explain why. But! As a testament to ice skating magic, I still had fun, even as pictures of Snoopy were assaulting my brain.

My camera sort of died for the cause with the Double Chin/Cleavage photo shoot, so I only have a couple of sucktastic pictures from Sunday. Monica's cousin took some really cute ones, which I have every intention of stealing at the next available opportunity.

Too Close

Moni Ice Skating


  1. Stay far the-crap away from Minneapolis. It's like a Snoppy orgy over there. Mall of America included. I know...I cried a little too.

  2. I always was so mad at that damn Lucy and how mean she was to Charlie Brown!

  3. I'm not a huge fan of the Peanut's comic strip too. I think it was the whole beating up on Charlie Brown that really irritated me.

  4. What was up with all the adults on the Peanuts' cartoons? Why were their voices all "wah wah wah wah". And WHERE WERE they all the time? Horrible parenting model Chuck.

  5. Your friend looks like she could be a clone of my cousin.

    Kinda freaky.

  6. I used to work at a skating rink that for awhile used to have a multipurpose surface that you could ice skate on as well. It didn't work so well because the ice skates ended up tearing up the surface. The pulled it up and put down concrete instead. No more ice skating.

  7. WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE- who did you play in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown?? Hmm???

  8. Oh man I was either Patty or Marcy. Remember how they added all sorts of extra characters? Wait! Didn't I have the same part as you, except you got to sing?