26 November 2008

It's an annual thing

This year's Thanksgiving Guest List (you can see last year's here):
  • My parents
  • Laura, Mike, Simon, Elliot (29 year old sister plus husband plus kids, ages 5 and 2)
  • James (16 year old brother)
  • Daniel (11 year old brother)
  • Duncan & Kate (24 year old brother plus live-in girlfriend)
  • Kate's parents
  • Mary & Lucas (my sister's friend and her son, I believe age 7)
  • Krishna & family (my adorable coworker, plus her husband Eddie, daughter Jasmin (14), stepson Jayden (7)
  • Ben (uncle with rage problem, but if he passes out we can use his hot tub)
  • Brian (uncle who will spend the whole night awkwardly and painfully trying to make small talk with his father)
  • Jonathan (crazy uncle)
  • Rebecca, Hector, Elijah, Caleb, Camille (aunt plus live-in boyfriend/common law husband plus their three children, ages 9, 5 and 1 1/2)
  • Rosa (Hector's Spanish speaking mother)
  • Liz, Julia, Nicole (mom's cousin who has replaced alcohol with Jesus, plus her teenaged daughters, plus, since Nicole goes to UCSC now, possibly her roommate too)
  • Michael and Lisa (mom's cousin who has the biggest head I've ever seen, plus his much older and very unattractive barhag wife who likes to talk about real estate. A lot)
  • Scott, Orn and Dillon (mom's cousin who is INSANE, plus his mail order Thai bride [not kidding] who is 22 years his junior, and their son (3), who is generally sedated with cough syrup and exposed to very. bad. parenting.)
  • David, Kerri, Rachel, Josh (mom's fundamentalist Christian cousin, second wife Kerri, teenage step children Rachel and Josh. My second cousins coming from this family may include: Kristin, Jillian, Jesse, Ryan. If Jillian comes I assume it will be with her new husband. If Kristin comes it will likely be with her boyfriend)
  • Grandpa (He'll yell at everyone)
Possible attendees include:
  • Randy (crazy uncle who has replaced alcohol with Jesus and steels other people's recycling in the middle of the night for a living. His wife rather tragically died of lung cancer earlier this fall)
  • Any number of Hector's daughters from first two marriages, plus their children.
  • Any friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or family that any of the above feel like inviting along


  1. I love a big thanksgiving and if it includes found family -- even better.

    Last year we rented a small house in Santa Cruz and had just my parents and the three daughters -- we didn't invite my brothers...haha; it's a long story.

    This year we are all about to hit the road for Las Vegas where my little sister is hosting her first turkey day -- and the guest list has grown to over 20 .... it should be interesting since she only buys furniture in WHITE and she will have a house full of kids and people who she cannot control.

  2. You're not supposed to REPLACE alcohol with Jesus, you're supposed to COMBINE them.

    It makes the holiday much more enjoyable, which I hope yours is.

  3. I am incredibly jealous!

  4. wow!!! this sounds like so much fun....and great blog fodder!

  5. that list is awesome. there are like fourteen novels in that list!

  6. omg...this is amazing...set up a sting operation with microphones & video cameras because i feel like there could be some super awkward moments

    I hate real estate

  7. Oh, I am so jelous! I love crazy thanksgivings that make you thankful that you all only have to get together once a year! Have fun!