20 November 2008

I'm not really ready for Christmas but whatever

I slept for ten hours last night, and then my alarm went off, and I couldn't POSSIBLY get up, so I called in sick/late/something, and slept for another TWO HOURS, and now I'm here at work, but very much unwillingly so. My body hurts and I haven't showered and it's an impossibly nice day outside and I HATE being sick on nice days. It makes me feel like God's laughing at me even MORE than usual.

Anyways, I need a Christmas card photo. Last year was the first that I did a photo, and, well, um, it was this:

Our 2007 Christmas Card

I was thinking of doing something that was actually at all remotely Christmas and/or Holiday ISH this year, but I don't want to get it done professionally, on account of the moneys that costs. Thoughts? Ideas? Advice?


  1. I saw a girl at a local shop yesterday having her photo made by the store's christmas tree by her mother. I thought that was a pretty easy way to get a holiday look and that particular store didn't seem to mind. I bet a tree in the middle of the mall would be easier than say going into Macy's or something?

    Just put him in a white shirt and jeans and trot his cute face to a public tree and snap away.

    Holiday christmas cards usually come $10 or 20 cards at drug stores using a photo card that is.

  2. I say take a bunch of him wearing red or green or something and then use the photo card templates on Snapfish or something. That seemed to be the cheapest I could find.

  3. we just took our kids up to Ramona (i posted the pics of the trip a while back) and had them all put on white tee shirts and sit in this old abandoned black carriage (horse drawn kind) and took a 'cali christmas' photo of them beaming in the sun.

    i just look for some cool backdrop around town every year to stick them in or on. they just LOVE that. no. they really don't. but the pictures come out sooo cute!

  4. I think a picture like the one on your bog is perfect. It shows the true Gabey. Don't do anything posed or cheesy. Just let him rock his awesome self.

  5. I vote for a makeshift Reindeer costume using some of the parts of that "hog" he was cruising in the photos with his helmet and some of the face paint he seems to enjoy and just catch him in action :) And because he'll probably incorporate his spiderman costume somehow you'll have the most original card ever!!

  6. I just used a picutre of all of us by the tree and a few snapshots from camping-I think it more natural. You can make your cards on snapfish for pretty cheap and they'll either send them to you or you can pick them up at walgreens.

  7. Hmm you could take the photo yourself near the tree or some other holiday setting and viola!

  8. I say do some shots yourself. You can tweak them and make them black and white or something and send them out that way. Things are tight this year. I'm skimping on everything. I love that picture of Gabriel though. He totally has your lips doesn't he?

  9. For me, it's pretty easy in frosty old New England. I always just take my son outside in the snow with the dogs and snap away next to the lights I throw on trees.

    The years when we had no snow, I took shots of him when we were picking out a tree. I HATE done-up, posed shots, so picking out a tree or putting lights on one works great because they have that twinkle in their eyes.

    With his incredible eyes, just take a ton of shots doing something Christmassy.

    Oh, oh, if you can go to the beach and make a snowman out of the sand, with all the snowman attire, hat, scarf, carrot nose, whatever, he might love that. My friend who lives at the beach did that. The kids had a ball, and it was one of my favorite Christmas shots ever.

  10. I can't believe I'm the first one to mention the rainbow-colored tights Gabe seems to be wearing... Interesting choice of attire, but considering the rest of what he's wearing, I suppose it fits.

    I'd offer to do some shots for you, but driving from Maine to California would take a little while.

  11. OMG, that is the cutest getup I have ever seen. That kid is priceless. I wish I had some advice but unfortunately it is always pricey. I think some people are starting to nix doing x-mas cards at all these days.

  12. Here my two cents. Dos this photo represent to you who your son is? Does it say great things about his personality? I think it's a great picture myself. There are lots of other great suggestions here for making something holiday like (I like the sand one that Lola mentioned) But this picture will be unique!
    Send a picture that speaks to you about who your son is and what you'd like the world to see. I love his get up. He looks ready to do anything.
    We just ordered our photocards from Shutterfly and paid $31 to get 60 cards printed. From a picture from the summer. They look great.