03 November 2008

NaBloPoMo: I stole Literal Dan's notation system

I had this super plan for today, which involved my camera, which is indeed full of pictures. It is also at my house...where I am not. Without my adorable offspring to distract you, it's possible that you might discover my poor sentence structure and inability to string thoughts together, and commence to wander away for greener pastures. Oh well.

Since Gabriel was sick on Thursday, it no doubt surprised no one but me that I got sick on Friday. In the morning I mostly thought I was hungover, even though I hadn't really had too much to drink the night before. By the time it was time to go trick-or-treating, I was curled into the fetal position on my mom's couch with a pillow over my face. They went without me. Gabriel was Spider-Man for a minute* (and SO excited, GIANT smooches to Steenky Bee, of course). But before we left for my mom's house he gently informed me that this most prized outfit was "a special Spider-Man suit" and therefore could not be worn to Grandma's house, where it might get ruined, or he might need to share it, or Elliot might touch it. I'd prefer he leaves stuff he's obsessed with at home anyways, because I'd always rather avoid the battle. I brought his Dragon costume to my mom's house.
My nephews were also at my mom's, and they each had two costumes to choose from: for Simon it was a pirate or a dragon, for Elliot, a puppy or a cowboy. Since Simon decided to be a dragon, Gabriel was pretty pleased with how grown-up and sophisticated his costume was. He got suited up, and my sister painted him a "dragon face," which turned out to be red, blue and yellow circles, and painted eyebrows.** But when Elliot woke up from his nap and wanted to be a cowboy, that changed his opinions a little bit. Gabriel ended up walking out of the house as a "pirate dragon."***
Anyhow. My mom said that Gabriel was really good and walked the whole way without fussing or whining. Gabriel didn't go too insane over his candy and mainly was just happy to own it. I stole all of his Reese's and Take Five Bars. I didn't go out because I was dying.
In the future, when I have the stomach flu, I probably won't make the choice to watch Resident Evil.

*Pretend you're looking at a picture of Gabriel as Spider-Man.
**This is a picture of Gabriel as a dragon, and maybe one of my nephews too.
***This is where a picture would be extra helpful.


  1. Cute pics! :-)
    I LOVE take-5 bars, they are a great new invention...good steal!

  2. Glad you got the Spiderman suit. My three year old pulled a switcheroo just before we left the house trick-or-treating an announced he wanted to be the black spiderman. We searched frantically for 30 minutes under every bed in every corner, but luckily found it for him. Whew! What we won't do for the little ones!!

  3. i'm having major camera/comp issues too blah!

    and your Resident Evil comment made me snort/laugh

  4. I can't wait to see pictures of Gabriel in his costume. I'm glad you're feeling better, I hope you didn't have a little throw-up accident in the middle of the night.

  5. Just something to consider for your Life List: http://www.grandtraverselighthouse.com/keeper_info.shtml

  6. Isn't it wonderful? You'll find that habit quite addicting.

    I'm sure Gabriel was a very scary/cute Pirate Dragon, and at least you HAVE pictures-- I very often completely forget to take pictures of things, or don't take any useable shots.

    This lack is reflected in my blog as well as our as-yet-hypothetical photo albums.