23 November 2008

A fish named JoeBrianJeffJohnBrianBob (Brian is there twice on purpose)

We haven't killed it! Yet. I put it in a prettier house. In the morning Gabriel feeds him. I say something like, "Do you want to feed the Fish?" and then Gabriel replies with something like, "You mean JOE THE FISH?" HE HAS A NAME. So then I call him Joe, OH YOU MEAN BRIAN.

Then the next day I might say something about Brian, OH YOU MEAN JOHN. Sorry. And what's with the utterly boring human names that aren't even people in our lives or anything? I'm perplexed.



All a Blur


  1. Awww, I love betas. I once had one named "Bluey" that accidently went down the drain while my ex was cleaning out his bowl. Now this was my fish and the other two dozen or so belonged to the ex. I was heart broken when he came out of the bathroom to tell me and then horrified when he told me that he had ran hot water afterwards to kill it so that it wouldnt suffer in the drain pipe. About twenty minutes later while the Ex was cleaning out another tank, up popped Bluey out of the freaking sink drain! Those things live through anything.

  2. At least he's switching the names up to keep it interesting. My daughter names every doll or toy one of two things: Bob, or Carmen. Bob is based on Bob the Builder. She has a little plastic figure that looks like Bob the Builder from her books, and voila, he became Bob. Fine.

    In addition to this Bob toy, there is a matching blond female. Now, we have close friends named Bob and Tina, and Tina is in fact blond, so we half expected her to name the female "Tina". But no. She became Carmen.

    Why Carmen? Because as a gag gift a year ago she was given a singing Carmen doll - Carmen from the Opera. In a scanty blouse and all. Carmen, of course, is in a traditional Spanish skirt and has black hair, so why the tiny plastic blond also became Carmen I have no idea.

    And now EVERYONE becomes Bob or Carmen. The two Indian marionettes on her wall? Bob and Carmen.

  3. I once had a cat named "Fred" but since then all of our family pets had fairly whimsical names. There's something reassuring about a solid one syllable human name though. He's a good looking fish regardless of what his name is today.

  4. That fish is going to have an identity crisis.

  5. Aaaahhhh... A Betta. I'm pretty good at keeping these alive. The require little water or adventure. My kind of fish. Just watch it when you change his water - he'll try to jump out sometimes.

  6. So, here's my beta story. I have a beta named Tito. He used to have a companion named Pepe, who lived behind a handy-dandy partition... Pepe bit the big one after about 4 months. Which was astonishing in itself - I never had a fish live that long as a child.
    Tito is now solitary in his rather large tank, and was rather happy until up about a week ago, when he stopped eating. Then his fins began rotting off. Then he began resting... completely vertically. Nose up to the water.
    It's been a week. No food, little movement, but every time I reach in there to prepare him for burial (flushial) the little fucker swims away! Violently and full of energy! He's hanging on to the point where I am honestly disturbed. This goes against creation. And god, maybe? Do I have a zombie fish?