19 November 2008

An extremely unscientific explanation of dealing with Gabriel's hair

I'm stuck in more Excel training today (even as we speak, if'n you must know). My big goal for this session is that it won't end with someone telling me leap in front of a moving bus. Before you know it, I'm going to be the flippin' Excel Grand Wizard. Or something.

I've had a few people ask me what I do with Gabriel's hair. Answers!

You might be wondering, how did this couple:


Make this baby:

Fashion Sense

Well I DON'T HAVE THAT ANSWER. Believe me, we were the most surprised of all. But this is what I do with Gabey's hair, since y'all (okay ONE PERSON) asked:

He gets a bath most nights, probably 6 nights a week. When he gets out and I'm drying him off and getting him ready for bed, if his head smells like a wet puppy, the next time he takes a bath, I shampoo and condition his hair. If, before we hit the critical point of puppy smell, his hair seems to be getting dry and/or tangly, I'll use conditioner without shampoo. If his hair is long enough to need to be combed (he got a haircut this weekend, pictures to come), then I spray the bejesus out of his head with No More Tangles, and then I comb through it.

Easy Peasy Mac 'n Cheesy.

I don't THINK I'm doing anything wrong, but if I am, feel free to respond and critique.

La la la the end.


  1. First, I have to say CUTE KID. Unbelievable eyes.

    Anyway, hair. And baths. A source of controversy in our home. My daughter's hair is substantially easier than your son's -- little wispy curls -- but she's getting increasingly resistant to hair care. Now when she's getting ready for the bath she demands "no bubbles!" (soap) & "no shampoo!". Or else she won't get in. Heck, last time she didn't even want hot water -- she demanded "no warm water!" and then sat happily playing in a cold, soapless bath as a result.

    The only thing she does like is that No More Tangles stuff. "More spray!" she'll say.

    Of course, I punt entirely on the bath and hair stuff. Despite being a stay-at-home dad, I make her mom do all the baths and most of the hair brushing. I'm just very nervous when she's in the tub.

    The only thing I've learned to do with her hair is ponytails and pigtails, which is harder to learn than you'd think (after all, I've never had long hair in my life). But she looks really cute with "piggy tails", which makes it worth all the tries it takes me to do it right...

  2. He is really adorable. Look at that cute face!

    Also, the JCrew jacket you put on your shopping blog went on sale, now it's only $200 something.

  3. He is adorable. I just want to eat him up. Also, I want to tell him that leave-in conditioners will be his friend for life. OMG. How cute is your little man?

  4. I'm thinking you're doing just fine, since his hair looks awesome to me. He truly is a gorgeous child!

  5. love the pictures!

    sounds like you have a good thing going

  6. Comb? What's that?

    Oh, you mean that thing I do to arrange my hair with my fingers.

    I get it.

  7. I think he is about the cutest toddler in blogdom right now (and yes, I am qualified to make that call - because I said so).

  8. I totally agree with Why Mom Drinks Rum. He is definitely a major cutie!

  9. I think au naturel is fabulous on him! The colors in his hair are unreal. (And the shoes, may I say again, I need me some of those.) However, you could see what his dad uses? Maybe it's just the shortness of his hair in the pic, but it looks relatively under control. It's probably not a concern now, but when he's older he might get a little frustrated by it's wildness. You know how it is when you're a teenager. He's just so gorgeous though, and the hair is such a part of it.

  10. he's so beautiful. and the hair is gorgeous, that color! hey cool shoes too.

  11. Gabriel has always been such a cutie but a lot of kids get less cute-not Gabriel! He continues to steal my heart with each new photo!

  12. Great pictures and I have to say I can see how those two people did create that cute kid. His hair is totally cool--the rugged look is in.