28 November 2008

Black Friday: Somewhat Boring (and expensive!) Personal Wish List

MS Office for Mac (the student/home edition) $134.95

In a perfect world I would also like to have Adobe Photoshop CS4
but the price makes me wince, so I would really be entirely satisfied with Aperture 2.

I really want/need/desire a scanner/photo printer, and this Canon Pixma MP610 Photo All-In-One Inkjet Printer suits all of my needs for $129.99 plus free shipping from Amazon.

I NEED some shelving solutions in my house. I have an unholy amount of books with no homes, cluttering my floor/closet/end table. What I would really like is some wall shelving, but that requires someone to, well, put some shelves up for me. And speaking of, I would really like a handy body to put all my pictures up in such a way that they are straight, and generally hang THINGS for me.

I want a pizza slicer. For serious. You'd be surprised at how often I'm at home thinking how much easier my life would be if I had a pizza slicer. I'm lame. This one is pretty, $9.95

I need/want to get my sewing machine tuned up. It has a couple weird things going on with the tension, and it also just needs its intimate parts shined up. I have this thought in my head that if my sewing machine was working properly, I would ACTUALLY SEW.
Okay I really REALLY REALLY want an SLR Digital Camera. I've been shopping around, and I think that I want this Canon Rebel XS. For one thing, the price keeps dropping in a very appealing way (currently $464 down from $599 when I first looked at it about a month ago). It has all of the things that I want without being overly fancy. I REALLY WANT IT. I've even structured a rewards system for myself to someday maybe splurge on it. More on that if it ever actually happens.
As accessories for my imaginary Camera of Heaven, I would like this lens (which comes with good recommendation for low light), and this bag. I got the ideas for these accessories from Not Martha.

What else?

Oh I want a scale. I got rid of mine when I moved from Chico and it turns out? I miss knowing how much I weigh.

A cordless drill. I lost mine in "the divorce" as it were, and not having it DRIVES ME CRAZY.

I've been dreaming of a Dyson for years. Yes, I am that much of a freak about vacuuming. Floor cleaning is one of the only aspects of housework that I enjoy. Which is why I'm also jonesing for a carpet cleaner.

That's all. I'm boring. And expensive.

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