25 November 2008

Another Baby

My parents have been working on building up their dog population. They live in the middle of nowhere and their dogs keep things in check. Ideally, they have two or three. Right now they have one ancient dog and this puppy that my mom found in Chico. Except that was over a year ago so I suppose he's less puppy and more dog these days. His name is Earl, and he's half Corgi, half mystery.


My parents have been on the lookout for a new dog to call their own, but due to licensing and breeding laws around here, it's surprisingly difficult to find a plain old mutt puppy to call your own.

This Sunday I took my 11-year-old brother to pick out Molly, their new Australian Shepherd. She was born on October 5th, and she's very sweet:

Lick that Nose

Earl likes her alright:

Earl and Molly

Elliot is very protective of his doggies:

Elly and his dogs

Daniel hasn't put her down:



  1. Holy freakin shit. That is the cutest little thing ever.

  2. Ugh....why do they have to be so damn cute!

    I want one.

  3. You know when you see a really cute little kid you sometimes feel like you just got punched in your ovaries? Whatever the equivalent is for dogs...I have it! So cute! And MOLLY :)

  4. I can't get over how much Elliott looks like his mom. But yes, I'm very happy a Molly out there gets to "officially" belong to your family.


  5. So Cute!
    I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award over on mine ;)

  6. That is one adorable pootchie. I kinda want to reach through the computer and mush it's face up. Wait, does that make me sound creepy? BECAUSE I TOTALLY AM.

  7. she's soooo cute! reminds me so much of our Wolfgang as a puppy, only he was a bit fuzzier and darker.

  8. OMG she is so little and adorable! Like a cute little fuzzball. Adorable.

  9. She is GORGEOUS! Aussies are the BEST! I should know, I have two. Two very important words of advice: Puppy kindergarten. They can be a huge challenge if not trained to use their herding skills in a positive way.

    They are so damn smart that you have to keep them thinking or they turn into the devil. If you teach them a bunch of tricks and run their butts off,which boys are perfect for, they are peaches to live with.

    Oh, now I want another baby...

  10. I am not a big dog fan. BUT this one is very unique looking! Interesting marking around the eyes.