27 October 2008

This solves my Monday morning writer's block dilemna

UPDATED I just realized that Sus tagged me as well, and I got this awesome award:

I'm not going to tag extra people, but I did add my 6 favorite things to the bottom of this, and the lucky victims I tortured tagged can pick. 7 random facts or 6 favorite things, you decide!
Oh, and here's the first bit I wrote:
Mommy Melee tagged me in a meme. Seeing as she's really freaking cool and all here are seven magical random things:

1. I only like to drink my coffee when it's what most people describe as "tepid." I describe it as the perfect warmish balance between Scalding My Tastebuds and So Cold That It's Gross. So I wait around for it to cool down enough, and then I have 2.54 minutes to drink it before it's officially Too Cold.

2. I have been to Lesotho. In the dead of winter, we drove open-air Landrovers up the sheer face of a mountain, which was about an hour and a half of biting winds sucking the warmth from every corner of my body. Then we spent about an hour going through a curiously stringent customs process, considering that this is a country completely landlocked and dependent upon South Africa, and we were coming from....South Africa. For the day. Then we went to the enclave of mud huts, where a toothless African woman smiled uncomfortably at us and showed us her chickens. Then we went to a bar. We were all frozen to the core, and so drank some whiskey, drank some whiskey and hot chocolate, drank some whisky and coffee, and then went home. I would not say that I learned very much about htis country. I did learn about whiskey. And cold. And drinking whiskey in the cold.

3. At my freakishly small high school, everyone had to participate in performing arts. The most significant part I ever had was that of Sampati, the wingless vulture.

4. Along with a host of other dental problems, I suffer from TMJ, theoretically because I clench my jaw (I've never caught myself doing it, so I'm a little skeptical). My jaw makes a bizarre popping sound every time I open my mouth. I am not supposed to chew gum. I'm probably not supposed to give blow jobs either.

5. I don't bite my nails. I chew them. Which sort of means that while I don't actually rip them off or anything, my hands spend a disordinate amount of time in my mouth.

6. Sometime between the last time I got measured (when I was 21 or 22) and my physical this year, I grew half an inch. They measured me twice because I argued with them. I am officially 5'5.25" For realsies.

7. Last week a woman seriously answered my question by telling me to leap in front of a moving bus. Seriously. I may have to tell that story.


1. The smell of chlorine. It reminds me of swimming pools in the summer time.
2. Waking up absolutely warm and cozy in bed when it's frosty outside.
3. The ocean.
4. Christmas morning.
5. Creme Brulee.
6. Going out to eat without Gabriel.

I would be honored and thrilled if Literal Dan, Maggie May, Jenboglass, Heather and Moonspun would tell me 7 random facts about themselves. Or not. Whatever. See what I care.


  1. Wow! Tepid coffee and chlorine? That should be the title of your memoir years from now. I'm facsinated now!

    Oh, it's on sister! It's on! I'm so answering...like soon. Give me till the weekend?

  2. That is such a cop out of giving blow jobs. WhatEVER.

  3. I LOVE your description of your coffee-drinking-temp. I don't drink coffee, but my tea and hot chocolate habits would be close to that. Maybe slightly warmer.
    My hubby chews his nails, too. He calls it efficient. When he scratches my back we call it a 'nubbin' because of the shortness of his nails.
    I was actually the one who tagged Sus and was tagged by Heather...but I am honored that you added me to your 'honor and thrill' list! I've added you to my blog roll, so you'll see me more often. Kicking myself I didn't do it before!
    Oh and I've known a few people with TMJ. It sucks.

  4. I must hear the moving bus story!

  5. Dinner without kids is painfully wonderful.

  6. it's on like donkey kong, beautiful.

    and ah please don't take that woman's advice.

  7. I realized I should acknowledge your tag, to bind me to responding instead of procrastinating indefinitely.

    My wife also has TMJ, so I'm all too familiar with it. It makes my jaw hurt just thinking of it.