20 October 2008

Target Shoes

I have freaky Barbie feet. They're weirdly narrow, with weirdly high arches/insteps. This means that I have perfect feet for high heels. As a rule, most pairs I try on fit me well. Unless, y'know, they're designed for normal feet. For my fashionable life, this is good. For my life as a working single mother, this is bad. It is nearly impossible for me to find comfortable flats that fit properly. It actually IS impossible to find tennis shoes. But! I've recently discovered Target shoes. Normally I don't think that they're particularly high quality, but the flats fit me perfectly! Most of these shoes, because they're so inexpensive, I actually own in multiple colors:


  1. i wish we had a target around here... damn rural nh!

  2. I have several of those- and I'm wearing a different Target flat now- OH! I totes bought those "Kristen" boots from Target and LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

    You should get a pair too.