21 October 2008

Once Again, I love the Movie

I grew up during the heyday of excellent Disney movies, before they turned to crap, and then only managed to get better by turning to Pixar. I think Beauty and the Beast is awesome. These aspects are not:
1. I can't stand this song:

I particularly can't stomach the part (which you can view about 42 seconds in) when the Beast says, "And when we touched she didn't shudder at my paw!" Even as a princess-obsessed little girl, I thought this song was INCREDIBLY LAME.

2. Mrs. Potts apparently has all these other teacup children; how come Chip is the only one who's ever allowed to come with her or talk?

3. If all of the servants turned into all of the serving stuff, where are all of the real napkins, etc.?

4. They've been enchanted for "over ten years," and the Beast must find someone to love him by his 21st birthday. What. The. Fuck. He was 11 when he was enchanted? At oldest? The opening scenes clearly show an adult shredding a portrait of an adult, even if you want to assume that the stained glass is using creative license in its depiction.

5. Why doesn't the Beast have a name? I mean, Belle's still calling him Beast with a capital B after he turns into that guy.

6. Which brings me to my last point, which is my least favorite part in the whole movie, which is this tender scene here:

Of particular irritation: The way the light shoots out of his fingers, and the super fay weirdo he turns into.


  1. i love that you took the time to find visuals for us on YouTube, what a thoughtful blog hostess you are

  2. I actually always hated this movie. I don't like ANY of the songs, which I think played a major part.

  3. I'm not ashamed to admit that I love this movie, or at least not any more ashamed than legally required given my age and sex.

    I like that song, but I can see where you're coming from. I had the same observation about the age discrepancy with the timeline they offer. And I 100% agree about the other teacups-- I figured they must have been saving them all for straight-to-video sequels.

    Also, you're totally right about the utensils and such-- it would make sense if they merged with the servants somehow, but when they all change back, it doesn't seem to have been the case. And of course it's ridiculous to suggest that they had enough servants to enchant that many pieces of silverware and such.

    Furthermore, if they were THAT wealthy and employed THAT many people, how is it that only 10 years later, no one has any idea there is even a castle there, or that a bunch of people went missing??

    I think I love the movie even more than you, but these are questions that need answering.

  4. Oh and P.S. "Beast" is a pretty cool nickname, so I don't think he'd be complaining.

  5. I love the way he sings "my paw" like he is suddenly Pavarotti and not just some fucked up man beast. Have you ever noticed that?!

  6. My favorite Disney movie is Sword and the Stone. I never really liked Beauty and the Beast, but my daughters love anything that has Belle on it.

  7. Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favorite Disney film. I love the dance scene with her in the yellow dress, SOOOOO amazing. I want to dance like that. I love the YouTube visuals too. Agree on the timeline, that is...odd.

  8. Yeah he was better looking as a beast. When he turned into a dude my 9 year old self was all "jigga what?"

  9. I've never liked this movie. I thought I had escaped it's wrath, but I have a daughter and I just know I'm going to have to hear the dumb paw line over and over and over....

  10. I've never liked this movie. I thought I had escaped it's wrath, but I have a daughter and I just know I'm going to have to hear the dumb paw line over and over and over....

  11. This is one of my favorites too. I had my husband come and look at your hair pics so he could do a hair comparison, and he was reading this post and started laughing. So then we had to discuss it. But yeah, most movies have something that makes you say - uh now wait a minute, how is THAT possible? But kids movies are the worst. Like kids are just too dumb to figure it out.

  12. I've heard that the "light shooting out of fingers" is an unfortunately side effect of being enchanted, or being an alien (a la Spielbergs "E.T.).

  13. so, I totally disagree. Beauty and the Beast is a fabulous movie! I,in fact, love the shutter at my paw song...I think it's the best.

    What, do you hate Aladdin too???


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