09 October 2008

My computer, my driver's license, yknow, the essentials

First: I turned my computer on last night. It works. Mostly. I'm missing the use of some keys. What keys, might you ask? Oh, how 'bout c, b, g, d, h, m, t and y? It's been super. I THINK that if I CALL Apple (because there's no Apple Store in the area) I can actually get them to send me the keyboard and replace it myself. Wanna know why I know that? Because two Apple notebooks ago, I spilled a full shot of vodka on my keyboard, which left me without v, b, n, m, comma, period, and (oddly) 6. And because I expressed some hesitation regarding taking it into an authorized Apple repair place, they just sent me the keyboard and instructions and told me that if that didn't work I could mail it into them. Which is also why I have a little bit of faith in my ability to perform this operation. I've done it before you see.

Second: Sometime last week it occurred to me that when I moved here I got a new driver's license. The official reason was that I'd moved, and when my parents' house was potentially on fire, not having a local license turned out to be a giant pain in the ass, because I kept being stopped by the highway patrol as a potential looter, when really I was just going home. The real reason is that when I lost my wallet in January, I got a new license with a new picture, and since I wasn't prepared for that reality, I look like an angry prison dike with a mullet. To the point where bouncers make fun of me.
I never got that license, and I just realized it. So I called the DMV. "Oh we never sent it to you because your license has been suspended."
"Um. Huh. What?"
"You got in a car accident."
"Um. Yes?"
"Call this number."
"Your license isn't suspended."
"Um. What?"
So that went on for awhile, but the upshot is I have a fax from SOMEWHERE that I have to take into the DMV and clear my name, as it were. That should be fun.


  1. You wouldn't happen to have a copy of that driver's license picture, would you? Because that would help me more fully sympathize with you.

  2. Well this answers my "black cloud" question. Nope, hasn't gone anywhere.

    If you were even as close as a state away from Alabama I would drive to you and bring the drinks. Mint Julep perhaps?

  3. Why does everything to do with car tags, titles and drivers license take forever and is so confusing? Can we seriously not come up with a more efficient method??

  4. Awesomeness.

    Sounds like you need a vacation.

  5. I agree with Badass! At least your laptop turned on! May I suggest that in the future you refrain from spilling liquids on said piece of equiptment? ;)

  6. Why did the song "Breakin' the Law" just pop into my head? Oh well now maybe it will get stuck in yours ;)

  7. Yikes, sounds like one big old pain in the rear for you lately. BTW, I totally love your labels for your posts. I'm so jealous; I am hardly creative with mine.