06 October 2008

The first time it didn't have a title and I'm not sure if this title is better than none at all

My computer is still off, propped upside-down teepee style on the arm of my couch, hopefully drying. I shall try the rice of which you speak. I am lame, and not sure if I actually OWN any rice, but I think I might? I also don't own garbage bags, which could probably be a whole 'nother self-righteous hippie post, but essentially I don't believe in buying something that has the express function of being thrown away, so I compost, recycle, and find that my garbage can doesn't get gross once I eliminate food garbage, so I just fill and empty it, without a care in the world for the plastic bags I don't have.
And I just realized that I didn't really explain the garbage bag rant. That would be the bag to fill with rice and my computer you see.

I'm still sick. Either I got over my cold only to catch something even better (!), or my head cold morphed into a something, which features a high fever, nausea, vomiting, and all sorts of other...problems. I'm pretty sure positive that I look all pasty and weird right now. But I'm at work! Why? Why oh sweet Jesus in the name of all that is holy are you at work? Well because I think I have what my nephews had last week, and if that's the case, if Gabriel gets it, I promise he won't be able to go to school. Elliot was having febrile seizures on Friday. If my nephews had this and now I HAVE it, it feels like a guarantee that Gabriel WILL get it, but he doesn't have it now, while I'm sick, and I don't have enough sick time stored up to miss work for him and for me, so I'm choosing to save that time in case he gets it and I have to use it for him. Because I can't afford not to get a full paycheck this month. I think that sentence was long and excessively rambly and for that I apologize.

We spent the weekend at my parents' house, where the power went off, and then on and then off and then on and then off and then, finally, on. There was nothing otherwise eventful, but spending time at my mom's means I can lie around on the couch and read all day, because Gabriel is otherwise occupied with all of the cousins! And fun! And dogs! And sticks! And Legos!

Badass Geek is having a giveaway. I plan on entering said giveaway, except that I wasn't planning on carving pumpkins until the weekend of the 24th, because I want them to be all fresh and pretty on Halloween. So I have to decide if I want to compromise a pumpkin for the sake of winning shit. I think I might. Especially since I ACTUALLY FANTASIZE about having the skills to make my own blog template, and having someone else make one for me is a lot more immediately satisfying.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go vomit.


  1. Dude! You're the second person to mention my contest on their own blog. I feel special!

  2. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope I haven't interrupted vomiting. I hate it when that happens. Hope your computer dries out quickly!

  3. shitty! Sending some computer-drying-people-feeling-better-kid-not-getting-sick vibes your way.

  4. i read in another of your post that you said 'every possible fuckery' and fell in love!!

    ok, not in love, but serious like.

  5. Sorry you are feeling like crap. I hope you get back to full speed soon and I hope your little one doesn't catch it. Both me and my littlest have pneumonia right now and it is not fun.

  6. Oh I get the thing about not using garbage bags now. But still. I can't compost and don't have a disposal. Doesn't work for me. And I guess you don't have to have a garbage bag, but it needs to be something...to keep the rice from absorbing "other" moisture from the air, instead of from your laptop. I don't know what else that could be...maybe you can borrow a bag from someone, and the rice too.

  7. Meat wrappers--where do they go? *shudder*