22 October 2008

Molly beat me to it, but she's also 3 hours ahead

Word on the street is that Kathy and I met briefly at The Catalyst this one time, or something. I don't remember that. What I DO remember is that after I booked my flight to Molly's bachelorette party (I don't have a good explanation for the fact that I ONLY wrote that about the whole trip, but here are some pictures), Molly told me, "Hey! I think that you and Kathy are on the same flight here. The cab-sharing possibilities are limitless." Then Kathy and I exchanged information via MySpace, and had a vague plan that we would recognize each other in Denver. And then we did. And then I fell in love with Kathy. And she lent me her gold shirt, and now I love her like crazy. Because she's JUST THAT COOL. Happy Birthday Honey!

P.S. Molly also wrote a kickass birthday love story.

P.P.S. This is also Kathy.


P.P.P.P.S. You should totally ask her about working for MySpace, and within that, ask her about the Wolf People. Or just ask me. Whatever.


  1. Please elaborate on this tree thing.

  2. that tree picture is so incredibly hot!

  3. yes what is the story behind that picture?

  4. That tree is pretty lucky, I'll agree. And the hair is to die for. Good God.

  5. I'll join the chorus-- how exactly did that tree picture come about?

    And can I have a poster-sized print? It's just the right balance of Artistic and Titillating.

  6. Awww Jenny!! I love you too, and not just because you and Molly stole that poor man's underwear that lent it to me for the bachelorette, but because I just do :)

    P.S. Tree picture belongs to a series of pics that were taken in the attempt to distract a friend from some bad family news without getting her any drunker....so obviously I decided a 2 a.m. picture scavenger hunt with a disposable camera from 7-11 was the best plan :)