15 October 2008

It's okay, *I* don't even know what I'm trying to say

So I totally spaced in when I was doing a Halloween costume review, and forgot the year (between the 1st wearing of the chicken and being a cowgirl) where my roommates and I were letters of the alphabet. More specifically, we were B, H and K. I'm pretty sure I was the letter H, and I'm positive that I painted it purple.

Yesterday my friend Alexis, who has the week off, drove down from the Bay Area for some dinner and a little visiting. For those of you unfamiliar with Lexy Love, I feel that her awesomeness is best illustrated by the following photo:

The last time Lex visited me was over a year ago, plus we've both been all busy and lame and wrapped up in our own lives, so I haven't even TALKED to her in forever, but she's doing really well! And I miss her! And love her! And for fuck's sake, she only lives what, an hour away? I could really get my shit together and visit her once in awhile. I'm feeling newly inspired.


Okay I just decided to make it two posts instead of one.

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