02 October 2008

I ramble for a little bit and then I'm done and then I fall over and die

I woke up this morning with a wicked head cold. I turned off my alarm and told myself that if I looked at my clock again before 630, I would get up and go to work, but if it was after 630, I would call in sick. When I looked at my clock at 628 that seemed like the worst rule ever.

So I'm at work, but I'm only here by the grace of the Dayquil, which does a fairly good job of eradicating symptoms, but leaves me totally high as a kite. It took me like 30 minutes to type that sentence. Maybe longer. Once, when I was in college, I took some Dayquil just because, when I wasn't sick at all, and I kid you not, everything had tracers. That stuff is serious. And probably I'm giving myself cancer.

I want to watch the VP debate tonight, but my lack of TV puts a damper on that. I might drive to my mom's house? I dunno.

Oh I've been playing around on Goodreads, since Lil Sass directed me over there. I'm pretty sure I like it.


I'm broken.

I'll try again tomorrow.


  1. Ugh. Not good. I hope you feel better.

  2. Here's some weirdness:
    Yesterday, I had a wicked head cold (still do), and I took DayQuil so I could function. I kept thinking about that time you took some in lieu of drinking at a Ski and Snowboard Club party, and had tracers. Then the whole scenario befell you. A day later.

  3. I've been enjoying some pain pills and wine the past week - nice. I understand what you are saying. Sometimes that is a nice alternative. REally. You could be suffering through work and actually REALIZE you are suffering through work.

    You know, it seems like you are under a black cloud lately. Surely it will clear soon?! If not that is why we blog - right?

  4. Thanks Sus.

    Paris: That is the exact instance of which I was thinking.

    Glamour Girl: I've been working all this crazy overtime which has left me totally overwhelmed, and it ended yesterday so my body decided it could finally get sick and die slowly. PLUS I'm dealing with a bunch of insanity with Gabe's dad that I haven't yet decided how to vocalize or deal with. So yes, it's been a little cloudy. I guess bad enough that you've noticed. I'm workin' on it!

  5. I find that a lot of good stories start out with "Once, when I was in college...".

    Once, when I was in college, I took Nyquil so I could fall asleep quickly before my roommate starting playing and singing along to his "study music" (which was Britney Spears).

  6. I'm sick too. I think our bodies may have finally broken under the pressure of all the nonsense floating around our lives right now.