14 October 2008

I cried

Gabriel, on the phone with his dad last night:
Hi...Just playing...If you come over to my house to play with me, I have toys to share with you...There's enough toys for both of us...you can have my favorite cars...But if you can come over, I'll share...I have an orange car for you to play with...And I have a bus....Do you want to come to my house?....Are you coming?....Do you want to play with me?....I love you too...I talk to you later too...Bye Bye.

Hopefully, K will come down here to see his son this weekend; they haven't seen each other since I brought Gabey to Sacramento Labor Day Weekend.


  1. i know exactly how you feel. my son's bio dad was out of his life for a few years and then back, and struggled with a drug problem. it's terrifically hard to see your child long for their father. but i'm sure you are filling his life with so much love and stability, and that is the ballast.

  2. I woulda cried, too. I may cry now.