29 October 2008

I am a Mr. Halloween FAIL

I know I didn't know about Gabriel's Halloween beliefs until less than 24 hours ago, but if he thinks there's a Halloween Fairy, I really want to make that true for him. I'm a big believer in extending the magic of childhood for as long as possible. And, as Literal Dan pointed out, Mr. Halloween is a heck of a lot more interesting than The Great Pumpkin.

Except that they actually really don't have Spider-Man costumes at Costco anymore. My mom checked.

And every Halloween/Party/Costume store in the county doesn't have anything remotely Gabriel's size. I called.

I'm at a loss.



  1. I say blue sweat pants, red sweat shirt, and an ass load of make up. Or a mask.
    Though, if it's any consolation, when Zack was newly 3, he made my mom take him home FIVE TIMES during trick or treating to change costumes. Half of them were my princess ones.

  2. Would he be totally disappointed with a homemade Spider Man mask? Just a cute, cardboard one? Are you crafty? Maybe that suggestion just complicates things.

    I second the blue sweatpants and red shirt suggestion.

  3. Found this on google...looked like a good suggestion! You should be able to find Spiderman pj's! Hope it helps!


  4. Online. It's not too late with rush shipping...I don't think...Well shit. It's the day after tomorrow.

    Damn. I'm at a loss.

  5. oh honey...I don't even know what to tell ya'...good luck...maybe bring him to the costume store and let him pick something....maybe he'll be distracted by all the other costumes...

  6. Dang! I wish we lived closer. I have three. Two red ones and a black one. You know, I've seen a couple in Walmart in the toy section. That's actually where my son got two of his. They're just there with the toys. I thought it kind of strange too. Also, what about spiderman pajamas? I've seen a ton of those. You could also just get some sweats and get busy making a costume. Good luck!!

  7. Sister, I just checked and we have a child's size 3T-4T red/blue spiderman costume (just polyester only) It's not the one with the muscles or anything built in to it. But I don't have the mask that goes with it! If you want, I'll overnight the costume part to you, but there won't be a mask or head/skin thing. I bet you could go buy one of those webslinger toys that lets you shoot either webbing or water. It comes with a mask (maybe it's $20-30). Or a party store might have a mask or something. Let me know. I'll take it with me to work in case you want it sent to you. You can email me at jenboglass@yahoo.com

  8. I'm assuming you've checked the Targets near you, cause I think I mentioned that I was able to find a Spider-Man costume there for $7.

    Otherwise, I'm with the flow here in suggesting you pick up some Spider-Man pajamas (bonus=useful for more than one day), and I'll add that you can probably find some kind of party-favor type mask at a party store (we have a couple kicking around, and I'd send you one if I could).

    If you need to, red and black face paint would be a decent alternative.

  9. How about dressing him up like Peter Parker? He could tell people that he's Spiderman underneath... Just in case anyone needs his help.

  10. I'd say pajamas or sweats and paint his face...or let him pick out a costume and get him a spiderman toy from Mr. Halloween. Sorry, that's all I got.

    Good luck and if he can't be Spiderman, don't beat yourself up. Once he starts getting candy in his bag he'll most likely forget all about what he's wearing.