16 October 2008

Favorite Google Search Strings

Wow, so I'm thinking of making this my life narrative, it seems pretty accurate, right?:

woke up with black eye

kill myself stretch marks

cry myself to sleep

"boys don't make passes"

free porn movies

hair color benadryl

how do you fix feeling like death?

I feel like death

I have big kid underpants

morning black eye

my body hurts why?

random daymares

random black eye

smelly naked hippies

how to treat a smelly dishwasher

making a public disgrace of myself


  1. So. How DO you find what people searched to get you?

  2. I don't know which is more awesome. The fact that someone found your site by searching for "free porn movies" or the fact that someone did a search for "I have big kid underpants."

  3. You could make one killer Mad Lib with these search terms.