24 October 2008

Easily Irritated

I hate the fact that recreate and recreate are the same word. Yeah. That's recreate like create again, and recreate like the verb of recreation (which I didn't think was a word, but apparently it is).

My Klean Kanteen makes this really weird noise when I'm drinking out of it. Sort of like a whirring sound.

Pen thieves. I work in an office of very protective pen owners. I happen to have front area-ish desk, where people feel free to rifle through my supplies and take my very precious, expensive, marked out of stock especially for me PEN on extended vacations even though IT HAS MY NAME ON IT.

I hate it when I'm outside on a break and I get approached by a stranger. I extra hate it when said stranger asks me a question, the answer to which I do not know. The conversation usually goes like this:
"I don't know."
Stranger stands there staring at me, clearly both shocked and flummoxed at my lack of knowledge. Blinks a couple times.
"You...don't know?"
"That's right."
They stand there and stare at me for a little bit longer.

Books that are based on movies. Is there a more poorly written genre than "based on the major motion picture"? There is not.

Sometimes I walk on my lunch break. There's this guy who always corrects my form. I'm walking fucktard. Don't tell me that I'm not swinging my arms enough. I'm not trying to go back to work sweaty. Leave me alone.

How when you hate a coworker, you can't just openly despise them, because that's not "appropriate." Whatever. My soul dies a little bit every time I talk to you. Please don't go out of your way to make conversation. Do the daggers shooting out of my eyes have no effect on you? Would that I could just tell you that I think you're vile and move on with my life.

I hate that feeling when you've had too much coffee and you're not particularly more awake or aware or anything, you're just jittery and feel like maybe you're on the brink of a heart attack.

Eating too much when the food's not very good, so you didn't particularly enjoy the process, and then you wind up feeling vaguely shuddery and uck without ever having a reward.

P.S. I'm in Chico right now having an adventure.


  1. I came back because I realized I forgot to mention that I can solve your dilemma simply by pointing out that the proper spelling of "to create again" is "re-create", with a hyphen.

    This was an issue at my last job (technical writing, if you can imagine me doing that...), since this word came up very often, and I can assure you this is a fact and you are now free from your hatred.

    Free to soar into the clouds! Or to go find a new word to irritate you just as much, if you're like me.

  2. I HATE a pen stealer. Being left-handed I have to use certain pens that aren't cheap... They always seem to go missing no matter how hard I try to hide them.

  3. I also hate pen thieves, and you never seem to notice they've made off with your writing utensils until you desperately need one.

    Don't forget...

    -- People who actually answer their cell phones during a movie
    -- Drivers who try to pass you after you've pulled over for an ambulance
    -- Restaurants who don't seem to have the food they advertise

  4. I just read "The Other Boleyn Girl" then saw the movie...can we say the movie was completely suck-tas-tic and the book was awesomeness. I am just waiting to see how they screw up Twilight. *grumble*

  5. Worse than people answering a cell phone in a movie: people answering a cell phone in a public restroom ... while in a stall.

  6. I am with you on the co-worker that sucks up too much of your life energy. What's up with that?