29 October 2008

Apparently he has opinions. Who knew?

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Mommy! Mommy! MOOOMMEEEEMOMMEEEMOOMMEEEMOMEEMOMmommomomomomomomomomMOM!!"

"Jesus! What?"

"Did you know Halloween is coming??"

"Yup! We're going trick-or-treating in Corralitos with your cousins."

"And school!"

"Yes. You're having special Halloween lunch and party at school."

"Hey mom?"

"Yeah baby?"

"Did you know that when Halloween comes, he's bringing me a Spider-Man costume?"


"He is! Every night I asked, and Mr. Halloween is bringing me Spider-Man to wear."

Crap. I have....nothing. I call my mom to tell her. They have Spider-Man costumes on the cheap at Costco. I don't have a Costco card. Crap. My mom:
"Maybe I'll go to Costco, and Halloween can leave Spider-Man on your doorstep while you're at work."


Last year Gabriel didn't care, and this year I just didn't talk to him about it. I have a dragon costume of adorableness. And a puppy. And a batman. I just didn't know, yknow?

Tiger Dragon



  1. last year, my nephew (then three) wanted to be LAVA?!

    Where the hell did he get that from? I guess we'll never know.

    At the store to pick up material to make him LAVA they found a dragon costume on sale that was RED and had fire, he was willing to settle for that -- and saved my sister a ton of time and money.

    This year, he is on to more conventional themes and going to be the hulk.

  2. There is a Mr Halloween?

    No wonder why I never got any costumes.

  3. And here I've wasted all these years not praying to Mr. Halloween or offering any tributes!

    I'm with you on this one, though coincidentally I managed to find a $10 Spider-Man costume on sale at Target for $7. Maybe it's the same costume your mom found?

    Now we just have to hurry up and figure out what to dress my daughter as, without spending 30-___ing-dollars.

  4. he's so freaking cute. you'll figure it out! that isn't really helpful, is it?

  5. Jack's plan for Halloween was to be Indiana Jones and have his brothers be nazis. He's still a little pissed that no one wants to take him seriously...

  6. Now it's just a Spiderman costume. Wait a few years 'til he wants an ipod, and a cell phone, and X-box and video games, and on and on.

    He is darn cute!!!

  7. Way too cute. For realsies! You, chica, were being followed, but weren't on my blogroll. You're so on it now. Thanks!

  8. He's 4 right? I've heard 3 is the last halloween that you as a mother have any say-so. Yep, he's growing up.