30 September 2008

Two entries?? One day!! Really I just forgot to say some stuff earlier

*About a month ago, I had a plan in my brain (that's where my plans go to die) where I attended the Sleep is for the Weak Book Signing, in SF on Saturday. I still THINK that plan is SOMEWHERE in my brain, but I can't find it. For one thing, I had been thinking that K could watch his son, but I'm not really so sure about that now, and for another, I haven't seen Gabey too much since I've been working too much, so I'd like to spend the weekend with him. I could of course bring him, but what if he's bad? I don't want to drive all the way to San Francisco and spend all that gas money etc. and have Gabriel throw a tantrum that makes me leave right away. So I'm undecided on the whole thing. I WANT to go...but...also...I dunno.
*Yesterday Simon (5-year-old nephew) developed some horrible stomach flu nightmare illness, and then Gabriel spent a bunch of hours with him, and then he probably shoved his fingers in my mouth or something, because that's one of his talents, and just the THOUGHT of either him or me getting that makes me panic, even though we're both (so far so good) symptom-less.
*Today I work until FOREVER, so my sister is (as an enormous favor to me) picking up Gabey and watching him until I get off. Which is many more hours of potential catching of horrible diseases. But I'm sort of choice-less at the moment.
*I apparently accidentally deleted all of my pictures starting from my birthday last year, and ending just before last weekend off of my computer. I have no idea how this happened. Most of them are on Flickr, luckily, although the process of downloading them ONE AT A TIME ONE AT A TIME ONE AT A TIME makes me want to commit suicide right now to save myself the trouble. And my birthday pictures and the ones from the fair never got uploaded to anywhere, and therefore are gone? Forever? I know I'm LAME and I don't post my pictures, but Gabriel! He was riding a pony! And I lost it. I'm sort of having a mental....something right now, about that.


  1. I was glad to see Aub back, too. I was getting worried.

  2. Oh, man, that sucks about the photos. That is a lot of work to get back.

    I had no idea that Aub was back. Thanks for that good news!

  3. I definitely sympathize with you on the picture thing. Tedious as it is, at least you can get back whatever pictures you want!

    They should offer a Download All option, though.

  4. OK - your fuckery has rubbed off on me. I just copied over about 16 pics from our vacation before I realized what I was doing. And I'm a total picture whore. I never get rid of photos. Anywho...at least I had already uploaded them to a site so I could get them back. Shit.
    Hope things are going better on your end.