20 September 2008

Saturday at work. Gah.

The free internet that I've been siphoning from one of my neighbors disappeared last week. Probably this has to do with one of the five households that have moved this month, but all of the other wireless networks in my complex had the forethought to be password protected. I am theoretically okay with this, but I've written a couple of lovely posts from the coziness of my bed, and I keep forgetting to make them appear here, on the internet.
Yesterday was Day 1 of Project Mandatory Overtime. It went okay, except this weekend (Friday through Monday), it's my job to shmooze with our vendors and make sure they're thrilled with their lives, and they keep flirting with me and making me really uncomfortable with the Cheesiest Compliments in the World. For instance: "It must be nice getting paid to do what comes naturally to you."
"Being pretty and sweet."
K.dot called me in the middle of the night to tell me that he couldn't watch Gabriel this weekend. I'm at work right now, and I have to work all day tomorrow as well. Gabey's dad was supposed to take him for the weekend. This 2am call disrupted my sleep on many levels. Luckily when I will absolutely need childcare (say because I have to work), K is never my primary plan unless I have a backup. So I have a backup, which is a combination of my brother-in-law, my mom and my sister. Thanks guys!
I was going to make a brief escape tonight to Mira's birthday party, but that was when Gabriel was going to be spending time with his father. Now I think I shall be staying the night at my mom's and taking a bubble bath.
I'm still 90% MIA, I just couldn't go with not posting at all, but I will be back to my regular activities soon enough, ne'er you fear.


  1. Working on Saturday SUCKS.

    I do it every week.

  2. Thanks for making an appearance in the middle of so much work!

    Enjoy that bubble bath or the night out whichever you end up doing!

  3. Definitely go relax at mom's with a bubble bath, you deserve it. Hang tight with work and don't puke too much from the cheesiest compliments.

  4. Why in the name of crap did he call at 2am? And you didn't....shoot electricity through the phone line straight up his arse? Wow. Stronger woman than I.

    I work from home on the weekends - and it's better than having to get out of my pajamas and go out into the real world. But not by much.