12 September 2008

Obama '08!

At the fair on Tuesday, my brother was wearing an Obama/Biden pin on his sweatshirt. That's when Obama's choice in a running mate struck me as an awful mistake. Because Gabriel's on the pony ride, and I'm talking to my mom, and out of the corner of my eye I see James, and his pin, which from that peripheral angle I could have sworn it read "Osama Bin Laden." I whipped my head around to see what in the name of all that is holy my brother was wearing. Oh. Obama Biden. That's good. That's what I want. Phew. My sister wanted to know why I just had an internal freakout, I told her, she looked at it. "Oh yeah, that is kind of....shitty."

So um, yeah, I'm a freak. Obama '08! Vote! Vote for change!


  1. Ha, ha! I hate it when my eyes play tricks on me! It happens to me all the time!

  2. I can definitely see how that could happen.

  3. That is the FIRST thing I thought when I saw the choice.