03 September 2008

In dream land, Wednesdays are my day off

Yesterday was Gabriel's first day at big boy preschool. I'm not sure if it's good or not, but the extraordinary amount of unsettling and change that child has experienced in his short little life makes him handle life transitions like a pro. Oh this is my school now? Cool, can I play with the trains? After his brief step into home-daycare, I think he's ready to go back to a structured school setting. When I picked him up yesterday, his teacher said he had a really great day, no trouble taking his nap or anything, and boy, "He's REALLY independent. And he sure talks a lot." Yeah that's about right. Today I left my car at home and took the bus to work, which stands to save me considerable amounts of money. The parking permit alone is $60/month I don't have to pay.
There are so many more toys and activities available, and Gabriel thrives on structure.
I wanted to thank y'all for all of the very good advice I received re: my daycare nightmares, but I haven't actually had a chance to have the conversation yet. I've called twice, and as far as I'm concerned it is now officially her responsibility to get in touch with me if she wants to have this conversation.
I mailed out my mixed CDs today. I felt like it was the 10 hotdogs/8 buns quandary all over again though. Granted I was buying my office supplies through my work, but the CDs come in packs of 30, the envelopes I'm using come in packs of 20, and the CD sleeves in packs of 100. WTF am I supposed to do with that? Oh and I discovered last night that I apparently don't own a Sharpie? In my whole house? That seems so unlikely, but it appears to be the case. So the CDs themselves are unmarked, sorry if that blows your mind and/or ruins your life. And the CD sleeves are all labeled "September" which if you're a part of the regular CD exchange is because it's September, but if you're not, well, it's because it's September. I just realized that I'm devoting way too much space (both in my brain and on this site) the the matter of CD labeling. I am done.
It turns out that my 3-day work week this week is making it a lot harder to dick around at work. I actually have work to do. So...um....That's what I'm gonna go do right now.


  1. You're doing work? While at work?



  3. I'm glad Gabe likes his new school. Yeah, I've actually had to work more this week. Yuck!