24 September 2008

A funny story that's really more enraging than funny at all

I'm gonna skip most of the details that led up to this situation, but basically instead of giving me money at the beginning of the month as usual, I told K he could give me money on the 19th, and then he didn't. And then I got home Sunday night and I had a message on my machine that was, in effect, "I sent you money via Western Union, it's there, because I sent it." Or something. I listened to it twice, to make sure that I was properly interpreting the gist, and the gist was indeed that he had sent me money. Which is good.

My sister had picked up Gabey on account of all of the overtime I'm working this week and next. After work, instead of going straight to her house, I stopped downtown at the super skeezy check cashing Western Union pay your bills without a checking account place. I decided not to go to the Safeway Western Union because it's often not working, and I REALLY didn't want to spend the time going somewhere and not definitely leave with cash in hand. So I went to the creepy hole across from the bus station. At 5:30 on a Monday. It was totally awesome and smelled like vomit. I had to interact with these two halfway house drug addicts and one of them was sending money to Ghana in some BLATANT internet scheme and it's like, please, don't send your $100 there. Plus he was talking about how he was doing his mom a favor by living with her because she likes having someone home when she's at work and THAT IS A LIE. You aren't doing your mom any favors. And then he was talking about how his son was embarrassed and asked him to wear a shirt when he picked him up from school and the guy told the story like gee kids say the darndest things and I'm thinking No. Your seven year old needs you to wear a shirt when you pick him up from school. Please.

I FINALLY got to the front of the line and guess what? That's right, no moneys. Fuckery. I called K and left a lengthy angry voicemail that was like WHAT THE FUCK DUDE I WILL ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS BE MORE ANGRY IF YOU STEAL MY TIME THAN IF YOU JUST FAIL ME. Always. Then he called me back and said he forgot some aspect of the process and what the fuck does that mean?? Seriously? So I haven't heard from him since then and I'm generally irritated because he's such a lying liar full of lies and I know that I shouldn't count on his money because it's not a dependable sure thing but I NEED his money so I do count on it, and then I get fucked all over again. And that makes me angry.

Plus today's Keith's birthday and that makes me sad because I miss him.


On Wednesdays I sort of get to sleep in because my sister takes Gabriel to school, and this week extra much because he's buying his lunch at school to simplify my life during these complicated times, so I had time to shower in the morning instead of the evening which is a total anomaly. So I actually look pretty cute today, and a lot less scruffy than normal. Which was nice because a cute boy came in and I got to help him find his stuff and he was a grown man not a student so I didn't feel bad about flirting with him and that was just a cheery thing to have happen today because there is a decided lack of cute boys to talk to in this town. So that was nice.


  1. Yeah, I just kind of had to learn to do without the money. You can only be disappointed so many times. And nothing pisses them off more than knowing you don't even need them for that anymore. Of course, I suppose I could have taken him to court and forced him to give me the money, especially since now they like to put them in jail for not paying. I am lucky though, my husband has a good job and has no problem with spending money on things he knows benefit someone else's kid.

  2. Wow I would have been raging pissed off too. You actually sounded nicer in your message than I would have.

  3. I hate lying liars that are full of lies. They can never be trusted.

    But seriously. Not cool.