08 September 2008

How WAS my weekend?

Friday was exactly what I wanted it to be. My mom bought me a car stereo, a new wallet, a frying pan and a dress. She made appetizers for dinner, and strawberry whipped cream roll cakes for dessert.
Saturday I took Gabey to my mom's house. I got back home at around 6ish to get ready. My friend and coworker Krishna got off work at 4, and I told her to just head over to my house even if I wasn't there. So she got there before me and CLEANED MY HOUSE. Like vacuumed and stuff. So we got ready, and I realized when we got to my sister's house that I was wearing virtually the same thing I wore last year (the shoe is in my hand, so you in fact CAN see the whole outfit); same pants and shoes, with a VERY slight variation on the top (it was drapier, and darker gray, but it was indeed a gray tube top). Oh well, I looked good.
At the Palomar we picked up Aurora, and then we continued to the Rush Inn, where we collected Lisa. Since most people have never heard of the Rush, or if they have, they don't go there because it's creepy, let me explain that they have incredibly cheap well drinks, and the bartenders have an oddly good memory (they also, according to that sentence, have a very Jungian collective memory, but whatever). I think I was pretty trashed by the time we decided (of course) to go to Callahan's. On the way there Lisa (who wasn't drunk) fell in this crazy slow motion, arm pinwheeling way, right in the middle of crossing Ocean Street, which, for those not familiar with my town, is one of the most heavily trafficked streets in the county. Which was pretty great. Not as great as Mira knocking my drink out of my hand, having it shatter onto the floor, and the glass cut my toe. I was so busy clarifying to THE WORLD that YES I'M DRUNK BUT THAT WAS NOT MY FAULT IT WAS MIRA OF THE WILD GESTICULATIONS (sorry Mira, it might have been a little bit my fault too) that I didn't notice right away that I was bleeding. And then someone was like why the fuck are there bloody footprints all over the floor? Oh those are mine. And blood was EVERYWHERE but the cut on my toe was actually really tiny, it's just, you know how your hands and feet and head bleed profusely? Well they do. And then Aurora showed us how to be a Mexican mall model (which she was) and reminded us of my new favorite Spanish phrase (which I have no idea how to spell be warned): pena ahena, which means "shame that is not one's own" as in, holy shit you are MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF and it's making me feel really embarrassed for you. I'm so happy there's a word for that. My sister then choreographed a dance, which DID NOT make me feel embarrassed for her, because when she does things like choreograph dances, she's actually just awesome. But I did take pictures (I know I know the pictures and the posts never occur together because I suck at life, and also at living it). Fritz bought me a drink, as did "Jack" who was the biker who cleaned up my broken glass and also mopped up my blood. He does not work at Callahan's. Lisa had alcohol stored somewhere in her enormous breasts, which blows my mind because I'm sorry Lisa but I can't NOT look at your boobs, and I saw zero available storage space for 1 oz. bottles of liquor. Then the bar was closing and I was STARVING but the store part of Jack In The Box was closed so we were standing in the drive thru line and considered climbing onto some sort of giant bus thing in order to order our food, and Krishna went to get her car and she called me to see where I was, and apparently my response was (yes in all caps), "WE'RE ON THE HOOD OF SOME GUY'S CAR AND IT'S TOTALLY LEGITIMATE." And apparently we dented his hood, like, actually, DENTED it, and he was not upset by this at all, which completely blew Mira's boyfriend's mind, because how could drunk girls fucking up your car NOT piss you off? What's wrong with you? Then we didn't get anything from Jack In The Box because even though we were "in line" Krishna's car couldn't exactly get to "our spot" and I think it's really fucked up that they won't serve people standing in the drive thru line. I am positive that this policy has induced drunk driving on multiple occasions. So Krishna took me home, where I talked about being a lesbian (um, I'm not, really) and I made some frozen Trader Joe's goodness thing and I went to bed at almost 4am and woke up at 9 and couldn't go back to sleep and Sunday? Was so awesome. Beyond words full of amazing.


  1. fantastic birthday story -- so glad you had a great day and NIGHT!

    pena ajena, btw

  2. I'm glad you had a good birthday!

  3. Yeah, that sounds about right for a night out with the girls. Glad you had fun!

  4. that was E's car and it's totally cool. hahaha.

    that was very entertaining.