30 September 2008

First I thought she was lame, but then it turned out the lame one was ME

Text from Julia: Pray for C- today, okay?

WTF? Does Julia not know anything about me that she actually thinks I pray?? She's known me for 18 years. Surely she knows that. Oh but she's having a hard time. What's wrong with you Jenny, like it would kill you to just say yes? And you don't even just have to say yes. You COULD, in fact, think some nice thoughts about C- right now, and it would do nothing bad, and possibly good. You suck with your negative thinking. Think some kindness if that's what the girl wants. That's probably what she means.

My reply: Okay honey!

Julia's reply: Thanks, I know you don't pray :)

Oh. I guess she DOES know me. I suck at life.

Today is my last day of ridiculously hateful working until 7/730 at night. There's still SOME overtime the rest of the week, but in the sense of working 8.5 or 9 hours a day, as opposed to 11 or 12. Expect me to be here with bells on tomorrow, ready to catch up on all of your lives.


  1. I laugh because this could be my internal monologue. Glad to know I'm not alone.

  2. My but somebody's a Sensitive Sally when she's overworked and overtired... :)

  3. I've gotten prayer requests like this before, and they are sooooo awkward. You handled it nicely, so don't feel too badly.

  4. I always have the same knee-jerk reaction too. It makes me feel like a douchebag. ah well!