05 September 2008


I was going to post a picture from my birthday last year, because haha, my favorite picture is totally where I'm licking Julia and she's horrified, but oops! Molly went and outed me already AND compared me to a carrier monkey, so I can't even pretend that was an isolated incident. On the subject of carrier monkeys, Molly's little brother Zack used to love to count off the different ways in which I was exactly like his dog Vanessa. The main points were that I blink a lot when things get close to my eyes, and I'm blonde. Oh and maybe that I'm an airhead? Anyhow, I was telling Mol about that once, and of course she's one of my best friends, and I'm expecting maybe something like, "Of course you don't resemble one of the world's dumbest dogs honey." What I got was, "Well. Vanessa's a really pretty blonde dog?" But then, she's one of my best friends, so I don't know why I would expect anything less.
Today I'm meeting my mom in town and forcing her to spend the day with me, and then cook me dinner, and also make me cake. She's also remeding my car stereo situation, which should greatly improve my driving happiness.
Tomorrow night is my "going out" night. I'm starting my evening at the Palomar Taco Bar at 8ish, and moving on from there. There aren't really a lot of good choices for going out here: I hate the Red Room (and I'm not a big fan of the Red either), I used to like the Asti but lately it's been WAY too loud, the Catalyst is SUPER skeezy, I don't go to Rosie McCann's because I don't really need to pay a cover to dance with a bunch of cholos from San Jose, and that pretty much leaves me with the really sketchy dive bars: Callahan's, the Rush Inn, and the Avenue. I'm sorry Mira I don't care who's DJ-ing I'm never going "out" to Aqua Bleu again. So let's see where we end up, shall we? I can tell you with complete honesty that Callahan's is actually my favorite bar here, but I know it sort of irks other people with it's seedy biker ways, so it's pretty unlikely that we'll go there (plus it's not actually downtown).
I took today off, and I had every intention of sleeping in a little bit. I felt like this was reasonably realistic, since Gabriel sleeps till around 7:30 on the weekends, and I have to DRAG HIM out of bed during the week. Except this morning when he bounced up all bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:05. So even though I was planning on having him go to school late this morning, he was right on time, wearing his cape and his rainbow shoes. That kid is a rockstar.
I've been doing this thing where I don't check the internet on the weekends and then, with no guilt at all, I clear my feed reader first thing Monday morning. And I think I'm gonna do that this weekend too. Have fun kiddies!


  1. Happy Birthday! Have a good time!

  2. Happy birthday my sunshine! I wish you would blog on the weekends. But I'm a flake and can't promise I'll do it myself.
    And I thought this was understood, but apparently I have to clarify for the record: I definitely think you are much more intelligent than the stupidest dog that ever lived.

  3. Happy birthday dude! Hope you have a good one. :-)

    And I'm not sure why people don't like seedy biker bars. I wish we had more in my neighborhood; I always feel right back at home.

  4. Once again - I'm living through you! Have a GREAT birthday and time Saturday night. Post photos....

  5. Good for you girl that sounds like a great birthday weekend. Enjoy! I can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. Happy Birthday my darling!!! I'm officially a loser for not making it back for your celebrations but I know you will party it up like the rockstar you are. Love you mucho.