04 September 2008

Aging Gracefully

My mom asks me what I want to do tomorrow: "Will you take me to Costco?"
"That sounds kind of boring."
"I don't like going on the weekends though. It's too crowded."
"You want to go to Costco on your birthday so you can beat the crowds?"

A coworker asks me if I'm doing anything tonight since I have tomorrow off: "I was thinking of bleaching my bathtub."
"That sounds kinda boring."
"And scrubbing my toilet?"
"Living large I see."

"What do you want for your birthday?"
"Oh whatever. Groceries?"
"Can you not afford groceries?"
"No, I can, I just....I dunno."

"Are you dressing up on Saturday?"
"I'm going to try not to wear mom jeans."


  1. Groceries sounds like a good present to me! Happy birthday, girl!!!

  2. Tell them it's your day, you can do WHATEVER you want, Costco, grocery store, bathtub cleaning, whatever.

  3. Exactly what bayjb said. Do what you want! It's your muthereffin' birthday!

  4. and on the 26th year god said, "let there be groceries." and it was good.