21 August 2008


I mentioned this months ago: My brilliantly beautiful and amazingly talented love of my life Molly had the gumption and foresight to put together a CD exchange this year (side note: I type really fast so there are certain words that I start and my fingers automatically finish like if I'm typing 'an' my fingers will always type 'and' and I'll have to correct it. I just automatically typed 'foreskin' instead of 'foresight'). What is a CD exchange you ask? There are 12 of us. Each month, one person sends the other 11 a mixed CD, thus submitting their taste in music for judgment by the masses. I happen to love mixed CDs, so 2008 has sort of resembled Valhalla, in that particular respect. So. September is my month. Because I'm me, and also, because being me involves being somewhat obsessive-compulsive (can one be "somewhat" OCD?), I've been working on my mix pretty much since January. I currently have 3 options, each circling a different theme or general style. I have not yet decided what I'm going to be mailing out with the official Grace Stamp of Approval, but today! I had a thought! Thoughts around here are rare, I have to take what I can get. So here it is:

I love mixed CDs. They are my heroin. I can never get enough. I'm constantly chasing the dragon, begging people to expose me to their music. So. In addition to the September CDs I'm already making, I've decided, Hey! Do you want one of my mixes? Simply email me (grace (at) missdisgrace (dot) com) before September 1st with your mailing info, and I'll send you one! What do you have to do? Once you receive mine, please send me a mix of your own making. Do it! It'll be fun!


  1. I love mix CD's but I hate mailing things. Can I make a mix for you and upload it as a zip file for you to download and vice versa?

  2. I'm going to e-mail you...It just wouldn't be right, me being a sometimes-DJ and all, not do to a mixed CD exchange with you.