28 August 2008

Things that occupied my time today

The Bloggess got a bunch of transvestite legos in the mail. For serious. I keep coming back to this same post to read it again because it blows. my. mind.

John McCain's interview with Time Magazine. This is unbelievably entertaining.

Scramble. Just one of the many reasons that I stay on Facebook.

Overheard Everywhere.

That's about it really. Except that I desperately want to buy transgendered legos, and I can't figure out what combination of words to type into the lego website to make that happen for me. Sigh.

Still time for my CD Exchange! Let me know!


  1. I always thought that Lego's were void of gender. Interesting...

  2. Badass Geek-- You haven't seen these Legos.