01 August 2008

(Sort of) Famous Relations

I got bored of trying to google myself and started googling relatives:

John Stokely is my great-grandpa (dad's mom's dad) and when he was alive, Gatorade mogul.
John Cotton was my great-somethingorother-grandpa; we've been in this country a long-ass time.
We're also the Underwoods.
We're also Adams(es?). Booyah for chewing gum.
My grandpa (mom's dad) is locally famous as the founder of The Catalyst.
More great-something grandparents: Pocahontas and John Rolfe.
Maybe not famous, but my grandpa (dad's dad) is published, and has been practicing medicine for something like 62 years. Holy shnikeys.
Great grandpa Duncan J- (dad's dad's dad), totally ratified the 21st amendment to the US Constitution. Probably had something to do with being the Mayor in 1935.

I ask you: Why am I poor?


  1. Wow. You've got some big names in that family tree.

  2. Didn't your grandma abandon her life of East Coast finery?

  3. I was just thinking, how come you don't have some Gatorade money.

  4. No way! These are your relatives!? I am envious. I want relatives. Especially the kind you have on oil paintings.