28 August 2008

Scattered and lazy

I keep half-starting this post and then deleting it because it's stupid and then half-starting it again and then wandering off in my brain to pixie land and then Look! Shiny! And then writing two sentences and then maybe I have to work for half a second and....well it's not working out. As someone who reads FAR more blogs than she writes, I hate it when people write about how they don't have anything to write. Just....don't. So I'd like to clarify that I DO have things to write, I'm just a lazy bitch who can't be bothered to wash her hair, so how can I possibly construct coherent thought patterns? I cannot.

Those cigarettes that I got in the mail? I have to admit that's some effective marketing because I can't bring myself to throw them away cigarettes are expensive, so I'm hanging on to them for the next time I'm drunk and feel any kind of vague urge to smoke a cigarette. Probably this weekend, if I'm being really honest. I'm going up to Chico again this weekend. Debauchery is a definite maybe. My car? The master cylinder of the clutch was leaking, which is cheaper than replacing the clutch, but the fact that it was leaking sucked thousands of miles of life out of the clutch itself, which....will be a lot more expensive. So I've been using my clutch as sparingly as possible, which involves a lot of time spent in neutral. Here's a picture of Gabey at Dolores Park last weekend:


And here's a picture of Visible Erection Dude forcefully rubbing himself on Visible Butt Crack Girl (that's my awesome silver shoe in the foreground):

Here he is mounting the fat girl. Looking at this picture you can't really tell how fat she is, so I just sound like a judgmental bitch, but she was. Plus, he's riding her. At the bar. And she's okay with that.

And just in case you're about to say that I corrupted your retinas, here's a picture of Gabriel coloring:


Still time for my CD Exchange! Let me know!


  1. I had no idea the photos would be that .....I don't even know what to say. (referring to the bar humping issue). How do people hold up their heads and face the world the next day. Thank you for posting them.

    Nice shoes by the way.

  2. Those pictures are great all around, of course for drastically different reasons.

    And I frequently vacation in Pixieland, USA. It's a shame I didn't see you around!

  3. Impressive photojournalism right there.

  4. Yeah I just had to force a post out too because my ADD is setting in. I think it's funny that you're holding on to the cigarettes. I would in case I ever wanted one. Lately that's a lot. Cute pictures of Gabby and that is a great shoe.

  5. JESUS