29 August 2008

Putting my ducks in a row

Y'all may remember that on Monday, my daycare provider said something along the lines of, "You never gave me notice! You're responsible for paying for the next four weeks of daycare even though Friday is Gabe's last day!" There were less exclamation points (which I always want to call explanation points) because she's not really an exclaimer (<- hello spellchecker that is a word), but that was the general gist and message. I told her we would talk about it Tuesday morning, and we didn't, and we didn't and we didn't and we didn't, and we didn't today, and my sister's picking up Gabey this afternoon, and I'm just taking him to preschool on Tuesday and hoping for the best, seeing as I'm all paid up, etc. I feel somewhat unreasonably guilty that today is Gabriel's last day in heaven, especially since Magic Lady's grandson is going to be in town next week, and every single night Gabriel has spent about five minutes telling me how Ethan's coming, and Ethan's going to be his friend, and Ethan's going to play with him, and how happy he is. There will be plenty more friends at preschool, but I always fill up and spill over with guilt whenever I change anything about Gabriel's life. Because I'm crazy and neurotic. And also Insane.

Despite this giving-notice issue, if you're looking for a daycare provider in the SC area, I highly recommend this one. Her rates are reasonable, she takes good care of your child, and she'll potty train him for you! Email me for her contact info.

Yesterday I finally firmly committed to going to Chico this weekend, made plans with Gabey's dad etc., and then I got home and Stella backed out on going out with me on Saturday. Sad. I don't want to drive all the way to the depths of hell and not see ALL of my friends who live there, it makes it feel like more of a wasted trip. I almost want to cancel, but I make such a big deal and fuss whenever K changes his plans on me that I have to be really consistent, or else I'll have get down off of my high horse. I like my high horse, and I intend to stay there. And it IS Darci's birthday this weekend, so I'll have fun all the same, but still. Plus we're in the middle of a major heatwave. Fortunately for me, in SC that means that it might top 85 today. Unfortunately for me, in Chico that number's more like 110.

I'm mailing out my mixed CD's on Tuesday, so if you still want to participate, you still have time. Details here. Oh and if you're a part of the actual legitimate CD Exchange that inspired this whole thing, Julia (aka in charge of the August mix) assures me that she's mailing her CDs out today. And that they're not boring to listen to. No offense but there were at least two boring months shuffled in there, just saying.

MY birthday's next Friday, which itself is reserved for hanging out with my family and taking bubble bath(s), but I'm going out (here, obvio) on Saturday, and if you're anywhere remotely in the area at all, you should come. Even if we hardly ever hang out, or haven't spoken for ages, or only know each other through the Internets, even THEN you should come.

I went to high school with Jenn, and I recently put two and two together and realized that Grace, whose blog I read, is Jenn's stepmom, because this is a crazy small world that we live in. I swear this is going somewhere, and while I still need to take her up on her offer for coffee and grownup time, that's not where I swear this is going. Grace sent me an Evite for the Sleep is for the Weak book signing in SF in October. I'm going. View the Evite here. I read all of the contributing bloggers, and I can tell you that, based on my highly sophisticated sense of internet reading, they are all totally awesome. Come. Forward the information to all of your friends. And make them come. Etc.

Oh and I think that The Bloggess might mail me one of her transvestite legos, which would fill my life with joy.

OH OH, and if you haven't been to my CafePress shop, you really ought to.


  1. which months in the legit exchange were boring?

  2. I'm not going to name names and hurt feelings. There was one month though, where I listened to the CD exactly once, or almost once, until my mom said, "Can we play frisbee with this one??"

    You can just live in perpetual fear and uncertainty. Or maybe you know exactly which month I'm talking about, and it wasn't you.