11 August 2008

My Beauty Essentials

These are the girly-stupid things that I NEED TO LIVE!
Stila Eyeshadow Pan: I've amassed enough of a collection that these are the only eyeshadows I use, but if I was going to swear by one color that looks stunning on EVERYONE, it would be Kitten.
Maybelline Expert Wear Twin Brow & Eye Pencils: It used to be a well-known fact that I'm a natural blonde, but now that I've reinvented myself as a redheaded stepchild, people forget that I don't have eyebrows. If I don't color in my tiny invisible hairs every morning, it's a straight shot from my eyeballs up to my forehead.
Biosilk Silk Therapy: I have curly hair. This product saves my life daily.
Braun 5270 Silk-├ępil X'elle Body System Epilator: At some point I'll write a glorifying explanation of why I don't shave my legs, and why that's fabulous, but it involves this piece of equipment. Be aware that if you're not used to waxing (I was), this probably hurts. But it's worth it.
Philosophy The Supernatural: This stuff is magic. Put it on, and your skin just looks heavenly, and healthy, and glowing and perfect, and like it's NATURALLY SO. Cannot live without it.
Farouk 1" Ceramic Straightening Iron: I like my bangs, because I feel they distract from my fivehead. But that curly hair I mentioned? They must be tamed and straightened. I like the 1" size for versatility, and ceramic is a must for smoothness factors.
Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey: This looks fabulous on everyone. It's sheer and perfect. Buy it, use it.

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